Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Gospel Blesses The Family

Anziano Warren and Smith
Visiting Anziano Benson's Family in Idaho
January 22, 2013 

Well IM SO EXCITED that you got to see Anziano SMITH! I love that guy so much! He seriously was such a blast and one of the best missionaries I will ever know.  That entire 2 transfers was one big laugh and we worked so hard it was insane. Not to mention how much weight we lost there all from the sweat!! Anziano Warren was a great missionary too. Good times good times.
Tell Joel that I found Anziano Lindly. Actually he is in the Cimiano district. We will be visiting them next week for scambio.

Anziano Benson's Trainer! So great to meet him!
So this big news! BAPTISM! Yeah! We will be having 1 on the 2nd and the other on the 16 of February. I am so very excited and we will be doing the dee dee dance for a while. We have worked really really hard for these baptisms and we are so excited for them. More info next week on them. Well thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Well Ellis is a champ! She is so awesome! I am so happy that she has chosen to serve a mission. My guess is that we will replace Anziano Benson with Sorella Benson and that she will be taking my place here in the Italy Milan Mission (you never know haha) Hopefully I will get to see her for more than 2 weeks when I get home. May 16 so it’s only a 2 week gap and she could be gone after that. But that’s ok.  All is good in the service of the Lord and well, the best part is that we will all get to be together for eternity. Sounds like a good deal to me! All the time we missed together here can be made up on the other side. Thank goodness because I feel like I missed a lot of chances to be with the fam. I’m so so so thankful that I was born in a family where my parents respect and observe the commandments of God. The gospel blesses the family. Period. That’s all I’ve got to say. Thank you for your example and the way you and mom have raised the family. It will be a pattern that I will follow and well to be honest my dad is one of the hardest workers there is. Mom told me that haha. And it’s true. Love you!
Anziano Benson

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Couldn't Be Happier!

January 15, 2013
My new comp Anziano Tanner. Awesome! Fiorentino was a really good missionary and probably one of the best teachers that I have ever met. He’s sitting on the beach now basking in the sun a bit in Florida. Just a little jealous haha. Things are going well here with Anziano Tanner. We taught the most lessons I have ever taught in the mission this last week. I think it was quite the accomplishment especially with Anziano Fiorentino leaving and transfers and everything. We had like absolutely no time to do anything except teach! Not complaining, but I do have to say that it will be hard to match last week that’s for sure. I couldn’t be happier with the work we are doing. We are really seeing the progress with several families. They just accept whatever we throw their way. The only obstacle left is tithing. We will see how that goes over. Sometimes I don’t even realize how hard it is to be a member and it really amazes me how awesome members of the church are and how much they sacrifice. What a blessing it has been to grow up in the church.

Well we are going forward and will certainly see some good things in the weeks to come this transfer. 99% sure this is my last 6 weeks in Muggio and them I’m gone. But there is always the chance that I stay. Never know. I am doing great. I’m staying happy and we are doing the work of the Lord. It’s not the easiest thing but it’s great. Its tiring but somehow I find the desire and the strength to do it.

Yes so I did see Allison at transfers! It was really great to see her! We chatted a bit and said hi and then she left. She is Sorella Fullers new comp in Milano 1 Lampugnano. But she is still in the other zone. Glad to hear that Taylor got home too.  Well I still have a very busy day so I will write you all next week. 

Love Anziano Benson

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Gift From Above

 January 8, 2014

Well transfer news is in. My new companion will be Anziano Tanner. He is coming from Busto A. So it will be nice to get an update on how things are going on the other side. I’m looking forward to meeting him.

Well it has been a really incredible 3 transfers here in Muggi├▓. I’m already feeling sad that one day my time in Muggi├▓ will end. It really is a great city and the work always just goes so well. We are always busy teaching lessons and we seem to find a lot of success. We haven’t quite hit baptism hill, but we are having lots of success with progressing investigators. I probably won’t see any baptisms here, but after I leave there will definitely be at least 7 baptisms. We are teaching 3 families and one elderly lady who are really awesome. I really have had such great experiences here in Muggio; perhaps more than any other city. The best part is we are teaching families and we know that they will build the future of the church and grow the church in Italy. We are even teaching a 22 year old so we are hoping that he will go on a mission when he gets baptized. We even went and ate a pizza with him today.  

The truth is that I love these people so much! They have changed me forever. It has been a miracle to see the change the gospel has made in their lives. They are completely different people and they now have a hope and joy in their life that they never found in any other worldly things. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that I have had to serve them. And though many may thank me, it’s not me, it’s the power of the Holy Ghost and the teachings of Christ that have brought this change. And is the greatest of all Gods miracles ( The changing of a human heart). I have been touched serving these people and I know that only the gospel has brought this changes. I’m so happy! I love being a missionary. I didn’t come just to baptize but to change people’s lives. That’s what counts and it’s not a measurable number of how many people you got into the church. It’s a gift from above. Well that’s all I got for today. Busy busy. I love you all. Thank you dad mom Ellis Bre, pee wee, Bre, and Anni!
Anziano Benson
My Bike Seat Got Stolen!!
"And I got a flat tire: didn't have time to change it so I wore 
the extra tire around my neck all day."  

Happy New Year!!!!!

January 1, 2014
Christmas Dinner at Bishops
Well New years went out with a BANG! Literally and figuratively haha.  
We have had some really elect investigators. It has been a really great experience to teach them and they have taught me a lot as well. They were just the perfect investigators; all the right questions, all the right things, they love coming to church and living the commandments. We've got future leaders in the works here. I have seen many changes in them and it’s probably the best part of being a missionary is watching people change their life and see the difference the gospel makes for them. Good stuff.

Christmas Day Dinner with the Cradock Family
Well we had our fair share of food and we have more in the fridge. It just doesn’t end! We are stuffed full of food. Only one more week and Anziano Fiorentino is home bound. He is freaking out a little bit. 3 transfers left for me. Well that’s about all the news here in Italy. Things are going well. Next week we find out who my new comp is. We will see what happens. 


Everyone Was Too Kind!!!