Monday, April 14, 2014

Go Sorelle!!!!!!

April 12, 2014
Stonehaven Missionaries
Anziani Benson, Jenson and Sorella Astel
This week I have very little time, but I am doing well. We are finally teaching a little bit more. We are working more with the less actives and are staying plenty busy in the office. There is always more work to do. I had just a little bit of time in the office the other day though so I made a graph of missionary effectiveness. Anziani vs. Sorelle. I wanted to see if the Sisters baptized more than the elders. So I did a statistical graph and a pie chart.  The truth is that the Sisters are 24% more effective in baptizing than the elders. Elders baptize more but there are tons more elders. So the numbers of elders ratio held against the sisters doesn't win the battle. The sisters take the win for effectiveness. I think that is the truth in life.  Women are just better than us slouchy men I guess. I mean what would we do without our moms? That would be a terrible life.  Thank goodness there are women on earth because we wouldn’t be able to hack it here alone.

Well I think the sad truth has finally sunk in. I’m coming home. I have honestly not been thinking about it much but it has just been creeping up on me. I have to accept the truth that I only have 4 1/2 weeks left here. It is Official I am a dying missionary. I am not too sad about it though. There is a time, a purpose, and a season under heaven. My time, purpose, and season have almost come to an end. I will try to leave the mission on a good note and go out strong though. I think the work is starting to turn around here now that we have a good idea of what we are doing. We are starting to find how to be more effective and save time and we know more people including the members. The work is speeding up around here, and as long as we do our best, I will have no regrets.

 I love you mom and dad so much. Thank you for all you do.

Love Elder Benson

Transfer Madness

April 5, 2014
Just when I thought transfer week was going to be a breeze... Monday was not too bad, Tuesday we picked up one Elder that arrived from Spain. Then Wednesday all the Americans arrived. Thursday is when the madness began. We did all day trips between the train station and the mission office to transport the trainers, new missionaries, and of course the old missionaries who were going home. After we wrapped up the departure dinner at Presidents house, we cleaned up a bit and I went to work at 9:00 PM. President was having a mission counsel meeting with all the zone leaders the next morning on Friday so I had to stay up will 1:30 AM in the office preparing everything for the meeting.

President's Chair
At  4:00 AM we woke up to drive the departing missionaries to the airport. It was sad because I have known all of these missionaries for so long. Maybe you know some of them? Anziano Davis, Anziano Johnson? I did about 5 scambi with Anziano Torgerson and Sorella Harward was in Muggio with me when I was there.  I think it really hit me there unloading the bags and the departure area that I’m next, and that’s ok with me. It doesn’t seem so weird, or overwhelming, or super exciting or sad. It just feels normal now. The group was too big so we had to do 2 trips. On the way back on the second trip I had Anziano Johnson and Sister Lyman who were both flying into Idaho Falls together. We dropped them off and headed home. As we were pulling up at the office we got a call from President saying “Elder Benson, go immediately back to the airport! Elder Johnson's flight just got canceled and will be staying another day in Italy.” So we went and brought them back to the office and then took them back out today again at 4:00 Am.   

"Get to Work Elders"
So we had some fun with Elder Johnson in the office and later in the evening. We went out and did some missionary work.  The last family we saw before returning back home for the night was an inactive member! He is Peruvian like Bendezu, and his wife is not a member. They have a little baby and so we are hoping that we will be able to teach them.  Maybe we needed Anziano Johnson one last day in Italy for this.

Well all is well and we are doing great. We are not doing anywhere near as much missionary work as I am used to, but as the phrase goes in the office, “your office work and your health and sanity are more important than proselyting. Unfortunately that’s the way it goes too, but it’s the best we can do. We do missionary work when we get around to it. We have a million other things to do for the President and we often stay long into the night doing them for him.

All is well.  I love serving and it’s been a great experience here in the office. I look forward to seeing my family very soon.

Doing My Best

March 29, 2014
Well this week was rather normal, but did have one cool thing though. A week ago we stopped a family on the street. They told us they were actually interested in listening, but were very busy with moving houses. We offered to help them with the move and told them we could use the car! They said well why not! And we exchanged numbers!

We went and helped them move and all went well. They are from Peru the same as Anziano Bendezu so they got along well and we set up an appointment. We taught them and they are very open and interested. Well the dad is a little less interested but maybe that’s because he speaks Spanish and misses a few words when I talk haha. But Anz Bendezu covers me well when I am teaching because he also speaks Spanish. The lesson went well and I think they seem prepared.

 On the other side of things I heard some good things are going down in Muggi├▓. One of my former investigators that I found is getting baptized by the Muggi├▓ Sisters! I’m so excited! Also one of my other investigators that I taught with Anziano Tanner is getting ready as well. He needs just a little more time, but I am confident that he will be baptized before I go home.

Not much happening here. I am doing well as in the fact that I am happy. It’s hard to balance the office with missionary work, but I think what is important is that I am striving to do my best.

Love, Elder Benson