Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Gift From Above

 January 8, 2014

Well transfer news is in. My new companion will be Anziano Tanner. He is coming from Busto A. So it will be nice to get an update on how things are going on the other side. I’m looking forward to meeting him.

Well it has been a really incredible 3 transfers here in Muggiò. I’m already feeling sad that one day my time in Muggiò will end. It really is a great city and the work always just goes so well. We are always busy teaching lessons and we seem to find a lot of success. We haven’t quite hit baptism hill, but we are having lots of success with progressing investigators. I probably won’t see any baptisms here, but after I leave there will definitely be at least 7 baptisms. We are teaching 3 families and one elderly lady who are really awesome. I really have had such great experiences here in Muggio; perhaps more than any other city. The best part is we are teaching families and we know that they will build the future of the church and grow the church in Italy. We are even teaching a 22 year old so we are hoping that he will go on a mission when he gets baptized. We even went and ate a pizza with him today.  

The truth is that I love these people so much! They have changed me forever. It has been a miracle to see the change the gospel has made in their lives. They are completely different people and they now have a hope and joy in their life that they never found in any other worldly things. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that I have had to serve them. And though many may thank me, it’s not me, it’s the power of the Holy Ghost and the teachings of Christ that have brought this change. And is the greatest of all Gods miracles ( The changing of a human heart). I have been touched serving these people and I know that only the gospel has brought this changes. I’m so happy! I love being a missionary. I didn’t come just to baptize but to change people’s lives. That’s what counts and it’s not a measurable number of how many people you got into the church. It’s a gift from above. Well that’s all I got for today. Busy busy. I love you all. Thank you dad mom Ellis Bre, pee wee, Bre, and Anni!
Anziano Benson
My Bike Seat Got Stolen!!
"And I got a flat tire: didn't have time to change it so I wore 
the extra tire around my neck all day."  

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