Thursday, February 28, 2013

Growing the Work

February 27, 2013

Hey thanks for the news on the mission presidents! I have actually not heard anything to be honest about that stuff but now I do. I really don’t want the Wolfgramms to leave to be honest though. They are sooo good, but they have done their duty and need to get home to their family. I’m sure President Dibb will be just as amazing.

This week we have managed to set a baptismal date! But we don’t want to celebrate too much until we see how they like the commandments they have to live to get baptized haha. That’s always the hang up lesson for people. They love it until they have to completely change their life, then they realize that this is really hard and bail out. But I have some confidence. I think Anziano Heaton got here in a good time because for the last 6 months I’ve just been growing the work because when I got here there was nothing, absolutely nothing. Now we have like 5 investigators we are teaching; potentially 6, but we are giving one some time to think about it all for a few months, but she still comes to church every week so not too worried there. I really have been enjoying the culture in Italy though. One thing that I like is that once they have made up their mind they never change, ever.  Well that can be good and something bad because they are not open to changing, but it’s good because once the members here are baptized they stay active till the day they die with the same testimony because they don’t change their beliefs once they know them to be true. The ward truly is great and the Bishop is so helpful to us, so I’m really happy about that. Well thank you all for everything that you all do. I read each letter that you sent me and I enjoyed them.  Well love you all and talk to you next week.

Anziano Benson

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trust, Act, Do

Anziano Heaton and Anziano Benson

Trainers with new Trainee's
"We live on these bikes."
February 20, 2013
Well this week turned out to be good. I’m telling the 100% honest truth.  Anziano Heaton is adjusting to the Italian way.  He was too hard on himself the first few days with the language but he’s still plugging along and getting into the groove. He will feel so much better when he knows the language, but that takes time, and we are working hard with the mission language training program to get him there. Before you know it, he will be a pro. He is a good kid and fun to hang out with. Anziano Heaton is the oldest in his family and has 3 younger brothers (what would it be like to have all brothers instead of all sisters?) and loves soccer as much as I do. We have been getting along well. He seems to have adjusted himself after 2 pizzas last week so not too bad! I think we are going to go buy a soccer ball to go knock around a little and maybe juggle a bit for morning exercise.  So Mom, about that.  I know you love me so don’t get mad at me for taking out €20 to buy a soccer ball to do exercise in the morning ok? Maybe just put some more money in my account so Dad doesn’t stress haha? (Drew seems to take out 20 euros every other week for something; actually it’s more like 60 euros hence his parents getting after him about it.) I know your thinking “now there is the real Drew!” But instead you could say, it’s like helping God because when you’re in the service of your fellow men you are only in the service of God no? Matthew 25:40 I think haha. And a soccer ball will help me relieve stress, which will help me work harder, and find more people, and baptize more right? Which is helping God gather his children in these last days. Can’t say no to that haha. And besides,  Anziano Heaton will feel so much more at home with a soccer ball at his feet, so how about that justification if you ever heard one haha.
 Anyway, we are not planning on see any great sights today for p-day and there is nothing much to do here in Busto, so we will most likely just eat, do laundry, and rest haha. Busto is not the most beautiful place in Italy, but I absolutely love the city. The members really are super awesome here and I love going to church and seeing everyone just so happy and being Italian. The people and the culture is just the best. Especially the occasional passionate Italian conversation. I’m not sure why, but I’ve developed a habit of acting like them. I hope that I don’t start waving too many fists and hand gestures when I get back or people will think I’m crazy haha. Well, not much to report here. We had some good rejections on solid bap invites, but they are still coming to church! So fine with me if they still come every week. They will eventually get baptized.

 Well, Love you all and remember that the Lord has great things planned for each and every one of us and you will not be disappointed if you follow what he wants you to do. He knows all things, sees all things, and knows what will happen. Therefore the only logical path is the Lords path, there is no other way because his way is the only one, and perfect way to the maximum potential you have in this life. Don’t doubt but trust, act, do and he will guide you. Have a good week and talk to you soon.
Anziano Benson

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting Her Done Here in Busto

February 13, 2013

Well, Well, Well, I have a new companion here in Busto named Anziano Heaton straight from the MTC.  He is from St. George UT and is a really great kid.  He likes to play soccer so we get along already. I think he was really jet lagged when he got here and just super tired and then we had a busy week getting him all settled in, Italian paper work, along with appointments etc. Anziano Heaton is just always smiling no matter what!! He is a good missionary and is ready to learn. Some of the people have been touched by his spirit because through the broken Italian there was a strong spirit and I like what a member told me. "He doesn’t even know what he is doing and he is still here in Italy proclaiming the word of God. He may not know Italian yet, but he knows the message is true and that's very touching." I should probably tell him that because he didn’t understand that’s what the member was saying because it was in Italian, but I really learned something about that and I was very touched as well. Things have been going good and we will go get him his first pizza today! Then he will be right at home! Anyway, it has been good this week! I have a huge love for him and I’m learning more from him than he is from me and that’s the truth."
Well I don’t really know how to train, except to be obedient in every command. And if I have any questions I just remember Anziano Smith who was the best trainer there ever was in the greatest city there ever was! Kind of like the Savior, if we don’t know what to do, just follow the example, no?

Ohhhh Mama Mia! I was so happy when I opened my door this morning to see a huge fat bag of my favorite candy! Man I’m drooling thinking about it now because they don’t have anything like that stuff here! Oh man I gotta get home and eat some hahhahaha. Well I really have seen a lot of help this week in every way including having exceeded the 1100 Km on the bike now hahhaa. I’m pushing for 1500 because then I will have done 1000 km on my bike since I got to Busto. Yeah getting her done here in Busto. Busto or Bust FAM!  
Well happy Valentine’s Day!

 Love, Anziano Benson

Thursday, February 7, 2013


February 6, 2013

I’m a dad!!! Well at least in a good way haha. If you don’t know, missionaries talk about being born and dying in a city and your trainer is your dad. So Anziano Smith is my dad and now I have a son! Also I get to wear the trainer’s belt! Anziano Smith gave it to me, whose trainer gave it to him, whose trainer gave it to him. 4th generation training belt! Yeah! I’m staying right in Busto and Anziano Memmott is going to Verona to be zone leader with Anziano Droghei. We only did 1 transfer, but I’m still trying to figure out how I’m still in Busto haha. I will hit my year mark in Busto if I do both transfers with my greanie. Super crazy! I will be picking up my greenie on Thursday from Milano. That came as a complete surprise, but I’m ready to take on the task of training a new missionary. I’m a little stressed because I now have to lead the way, but I’m sure the Lord would not call me to do this if I could not handle it. I’m super excited! I don’t really know what I’m doing, but that’s ok no one really does haha. Thursday I go to receive instruction on how to train and immediately they will introduce me to my new companion fresh from the MTC. Sure hope he’s ready to role because the day he gets here we have to set a bap date and teach the restoration lesson without practice or planning or anything. We come home to drop his bags and then we are going straight to a lesson to teach! It will be rough probably since he will be so tired but I’m confident the Lord calls his missionaries when they are needed and that he will be able to speak the language to teach this really really important lesson. This investigator has been preparing for 18 months to be baptized and it’s do or die right now. I’m nervous as well because I’m the one who has to drive this ship now and I don’t really think I know the language perfectly. But what can I say? Ready or not here we come!

Well Busto has been treating me well, got cussed at, didn’t really know what it meant but I’m sure it wasn’t nice haha. Then we got the local police called on us, they pulled up and were like "hey are you ringing doors?" "Yes."... "ok" and then asked us who we were because they didn’t really care that we were knocking doors haha. We told them we were not Jehovas Witness which is who they thought we were since Busto is crawling with JW's. We told them who we were and they asked us for a pamphlet of the Book of Mormon because they were curious hahaha. They were chill and then were like, “well carry on, good day”. ”You too officer.” Busto gives me a ride on the bull every day of my life. I don’t think I’ve come away from a session of knocking doors or street contacting without being 100% confused at what in the world these people are saying. I understand perfectly what they are saying word for word in Italian, but what they are saying does not make sense. Man I just have to laugh, a lot, because every day is just a joy hahaha. Busto is the best and I welcome these next 1 maybe 2 transfers. It’s going to be like jeeping in Moab! Yeeee haaa hold on to your horses because it’s going to get wild!! We got a new missionary coming into this town, watch out here we come!!!
Have a good weeeeek and I love you!
Anziano Benson