Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

January 1, 2014
Christmas Dinner at Bishops
Well New years went out with a BANG! Literally and figuratively haha.  
We have had some really elect investigators. It has been a really great experience to teach them and they have taught me a lot as well. They were just the perfect investigators; all the right questions, all the right things, they love coming to church and living the commandments. We've got future leaders in the works here. I have seen many changes in them and it’s probably the best part of being a missionary is watching people change their life and see the difference the gospel makes for them. Good stuff.

Christmas Day Dinner with the Cradock Family
Well we had our fair share of food and we have more in the fridge. It just doesn’t end! We are stuffed full of food. Only one more week and Anziano Fiorentino is home bound. He is freaking out a little bit. 3 transfers left for me. Well that’s about all the news here in Italy. Things are going well. Next week we find out who my new comp is. We will see what happens. 


Everyone Was Too Kind!!!

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