Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baptism!! An Awesome Experience!!

Feruary 5, 2014

Hey well the baptism went really great this week! I was really touched from beginning to end and the spirit was so strong.  I had the privilege of baptizing D_______ and it was really an awesome experience.  I thought it was a really amazing service.

We are doing great and we are teaching less, but that’s partly due to baptisms. But that’s ok that’s the best way to lose lesson count is through baptism. We will be having another baptism on Feb 14! Wooooo! I’m really excited. This one is the work and result of 5 ½ months of work in Muggio. This sweet lady has been our investigator since the very first week I got to Muggio. We just love her so much.

 I’m doing just great and we had some good trainings things week with President and the assistants. Next week we are in charge of zone training. We have another meeting with President Thursday.
The rain still hasn’t stopped here. All my stuff smells really bad because it’s all just sopping wet. Yuck! I think it’s growing mold, honestly, but I’m not buying anything new when I’m about to come home. Maybe just a garbage sack will do the trick. We are constantly on bikes and can’t use an umbrella; just appointment to appointment on bike; appointment and then a 30 min bike ride. Then an appointment then 15 min on bike. Then lunch, and we don’t have properly functioning heaters, (that’s normal in Italy everything here is too old) so nothing dries. At first I was rather bothered by the constant rain, but lately it hasn’t been bothering me except I am even offended by my own smell. I think I’ve just gotten used to it as a fact of life. That’s Milano in the winter.
Elder Benson

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