Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All the Hard Work Has Been Repaid In Muggio

January 29, 2014
So this weekend the baptism is confirmed! I’m so excited! We will be having it February 1st in the afternoon.  He is a really great guy and he makes me laugh all the time.   We are so happy and I feel like all the hard work in my mission has been repaid here in Muggio.  Following him is our Italian sister from Sicilia.  She loves the church and she is best friends with a member. Her baptism should take place on the 16th of Feb. probably my last week in Muggio. But then you never know. But she is just such a sweet lady and she treats us like we were her sons. Great lady. I’m very happy with our work and I think I have done my best here. I don’t think I have been perfect but thank goodness the Lord doesn’t ask for perfection and he just gives us a hand when we need it. Things are going great and we are enjoying the work.

My companion Anziano Tanner is really great! We get along well and I like his style. He is an Arizonian, fast paced hard working companion. I think that covers it. He is great and we are doing just fantastic.
I did have a dream that Ellis got called to Rome. I think I’m right. Where does she want to go? Well next week we will know where she is going! I’m excited for my little Sis! When did she put the availability date? Can't wait to hear. 
Love Elder Benson

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