Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Poland!!! What???

February 12, 2013

Well, I didn’t see that one coming. I’m excited that my little sister Ellis will be serving in the Poland Warsaw Mission. I was really convinced that she was going to Rome, but unfortunately it’s not to be. But that’s ok, its Europe. Hopefully there are more members there than in Italy but I doubt it. Ellis is just fantastic! I love her to death. I sent her a good email. She will do great! In the end it’s ok if you don’t speak the language haha no one cares anyways because it’s the spirit that changes lives and they will just love her. I will have a nice talk with her when I get home though and prep her. Its mission training time!!!!!!! Get in shape (spiritually, mentally, physically!) Yeah! I can help her out with a bunch of stuff. I think Poland is really cold, so you better get her all geared up for the cold weather because I thought I came prepared for the cold and well that jacket that was supposedly water proof is a water spoof and its totally garbage. It soaks up water not repels it so make sure to send her with a rain jacket so she at least stays dry. It looks like we will have about 4 weeks all together before she leaves and I am thankful for that. Well I’m really happy for her and I hope that all will go well for her. Tell her not to stress too much. She will be an amazing missionary.

Well things are going just great here. My comp is awesome. We get along really great. I think I get along with him better than he gets along with me though haha. But that’s ok with me. I tend to take over a bit and I need to let him be in charge more but I will be handing over the reins here in about a week. Anyway, things are going great. No complaints here.

 Hmmm well I don’t have much to say and we are in a little short on time. But the baptism is confirmed this week for Friday and its all planned and ready to go. I’m really excited! Other than that we lost all of our investigators and well all we have left is 1 family of 3. The rest we have given to the other companionships of sisters and elders here. Transfers are next week. I’m really excited. I might be training, but you never know. But I hope that I get sent really far from Lombardia.  I have spent most of my mission here. Well I love you all and thank you so much mom and Dad!

Love Elder Benson

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