Monday, December 16, 2013

Out With The Old, In With The New!!!

December 11, 2013

Things are rolling along again in Muggiò! We have been receiving some divine counsel from the European general authorities on how to move the missionary work forward in Italy, and we have been putting it into practice! As a result of this we found a family of 4! They are really really interested and we are now teaching them the lessons. Miracles!! President Dibb is inspired!

We also had our Christmas zone conference this last week! Ham and potatoes! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD! I haven’t had ham in so long! It’s nonexistent here! I about died it was so good. However, I am loving the Italian Christmas as it is. They have quite the spread of foods as well. I even splurged and bought a ton of nuts. I took on the grandpa D tradition I have an obsession for nuts. they are really good. and healthy! I have been working on my own Christ like attributes and I love the Italian mentality at the New Year: out with the old and in with new! They throw stuff off their balconies! T.V.s fridges, couches, plates, everything! Man it’s a mad house here! I advise you to do the same Out with the old garbage and in with the clean! Get rid of bad habits and set new goals. 

Well I really am enjoying this time of the year. It’s merry and bright. The sun is shining in Italy and the gospel is going forward. I have a really strong undeniable testimony that this is the restored gospel and that we have the priesthood. Simple but strong. The scriptures are amazing as well, and they have the words of life.

Merry Christmas! Buon Natale! Augurui! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Love Elder Benson

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