Thursday, December 5, 2013

Flocking to the Fold of the Shepherd

December 4, 2013

I’m not sure what to say about the week. There were appointments and disappointments, people progressing in the gospel and others digressing.  We had some people just ignore our calls, while others gave us fake addresses and phone numbers and then there are several that have gone to Switzerland for a month. Haha that about sums up the week. We have been meeting with President rather often these days and it’s been a real treat. We have had several visits from apostles in the 70 and 2 counsel sessions with President Dibb. We talked a lot about how we are going to move the work forward. One way is that we are now all aligned with the stake boundaries so we can work directly with the stake leaders. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Things are going good. The work is moving along and our investigators that we have been teaching are still progressing and moving forward. The work has really changed a lot since I first got to the mission. We are really turning things up here. We are getting ready to grow the stakes even more here and more people are flocking to fold of the Shepherd. We are getting to the point where we are not just that church. But the people really know who we are and respect us. I love the Catholics here. They are great because they all believe and have such strong faith. They just have a hard time understanding why we are here in Italy though haha. They haven’t made that connection yet. Things are going well though.

It’s cool to hear that you are reading the gospels as a family. I just finished the gospels for the first time the other day in Italian, it was really good. I liked them a lot. The Old Testament is next, but is really long and tough to understand in Italian, but there are a lot of interesting lessons to learn there.
 It’s freezing cold here. It’s already colder that last year and we are not even in January. The good news is that we have been seeing some sun these days. Oh thank goodness, or I would be frozen to death.  I don’t think my socks are warm enough for this weather. Not to mention our apartment has terrible heating
Anyways. It’s good to see the pics of the family. Looks like you had a good Thanksgiving! I froze at the train station all Thanksgiving Day helping missionaries get on the right trains. Wish I had some turkey. haha.
Love you!

Elder Benson

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