Monday, December 2, 2013

13 Baptisms In Our Zone!!!!

November 27, 2013

Not a lot has changed this transfer. We are all staying the same. In fact hardly anyone in our zone got moved out, but the best part is that Lecco is back in our zone! Yes!!!! Now we can go hang out in Lecco for pday! I’m so excited to go back. I miss Lecco a lot. It’s one of my most favorite cities! Now we have 14 companionships in our zone! Wow that’s just big! I think the biggest in the whole mission. It’s quite the responsibility to be zone leader. Not sure how it is everywhere else in the world but it’s so much fun, but stressful at times with zone meetings, meetings with president, district meeting, baptismal interviews, trying to lead the zone by teaching the most lessons and so on, we have our hands full. We are home late every night and then have to do planning for the morning.  I am finding no time to write in my journal. But I like it this way. Better than having nothing to do and wander the streets banging doors for 9 hours. Been there done that. You go really mentally crazy fast doing that every day.

We are really impressed with the work that has been going on. We had 8 baptisms in the zone this last weekend. That’s half the branch of Siena in 1 day brought into the church! What a success! The total baptisms for this transfer from the zone is 13. That is like an all time record!!! The work is slowly growing; never in big jumps, but slowly growing bigger and bigger. Our ward boundaries are huge in Muggio. It’s really hard sometimes to travel these distances but it’s not stopping us from doing a great work. We are finding success everywhere. I am doing just great; happy, focused and concentrated 100%. This is my Anziano Fiorentinos last transfer and we are working overtime! I am positive that we will have  great success this transfer.
Well that’s all for now! Have a good week and a good Turkey Day! Eat lots for me because I will be at the train station ALL DAY Thursday, helping get missionaries where they need to be. 
Love you,
Elder Benson
Italian Food is the Best!!

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