Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Find the Elect and Share the Truth

October 30, 2013
Cara! Belissima! Dolce Famiglia!
Come state! Spero bene!
Jack-O-Lanterns in Italy
It’s been a good week in short. We have a really really big ward here in Muggiò so I’m looking forward to getting things moving! I have learned that in all this is richiede pazienza! Patience! It’s great to see the miracles. This week we had little work, but many miracles along the way. We found some really cool people, some crazy people who won’t leave us alone and send us wacked texts, not a fan, and we think we may be on to a baptism in the near future. We finally found some winners. It’s an amazing experience to be in the mission right now. There are just so many missionaries its crazy! They just added 2 sister missionaries in the ward so now things are really cookin. Anziano Fiorentino is great and we have been polishing up our cooking skills. Well let’s just say that I’m not a good cook like you mom or Ellis, but I have come a long long way from where I started! Its kind of funto learn some new skills. Well I really really love you guys. I am excited to do this awesome work of the lord. It is truly an honor to be a part of the true church. I love the opportunity to share such a great message con la gente in Italia. Things are going well and this is just one of the greatest things I have done in my life. Well with all those words, there must be a bit of realism. This work is hard! Rewarding, but it’s all about attitude, sometimes missionaries have a really bad attitude about everything and they are no fun to be around. But fake it until you make it! False enthusiasm and then everything goes for the better.
I really love the fact that we get just gigantic massive blockades in missionary work and we are in the dark trying to find a way around the seemingly insurmountable obstacle. And then the Lord in his mercy and for the good of other people takes the blindness from our minds and for a small moment penetrates the veil, showing us a way in the dark. This world is wicked, you have no idea how wicked it is. It’s different to visit the people than it is to live among them, enter their homes, see their life; listen to their story. The earth is ready for destruction, but our Savior is waiting for us, to build up his kingdom, find the elect and share the truth. The field is white already to harvest and he that thrusteth in his sickle with all his might, perish not, but bring salvation to his soul. Many too many prophecies have been fulfilled, the end is so near, but we are not done. We need to work a little harder and a little longer before he comes again. The gospel is going forth quickly and rapidly but it’s not enough. The members need to do their part. We are doing ours they need to do theirs. We need more help!
Always be an example of the believers.
Elder Benson

he settimana!
 I know it is Halloween tomorrow, but I am getting supper excited for Christmas! I really really loved Christmas here last year, mostly because of all the good food! And even more the good deserts they do here! That’s the best part. They also have chestnuts everywhere here! Its super cool that they just cook them all over the place on the corners and you just buy some in a bag, mostly because well I have never seen chestnuts roasting over an open fire like they songs say. Also because they don’t have Thanksgiving here so they start celebrating in November Christmas! Supper awesome!

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