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Fortza Milano Est!!

October 16th, 2013

So anyway here is the news! I am staying in Muggiò and my new comp is Anziano Fiorentino! He isn’t Italian but is from Florida! He seems pretty cool but I haven’t met him yet, tomorrow we will be at the Milano Centrale station bright and early. Too early perhaps, but that’s all good! 
Last week was crazy.  Here is what I did last week:
View from our appartment.  My old area in in the
Mountains in the background

So I will give you a quick lowdown of this week. Well Monday we had transfer cleaning day where we deep clean the apartment. Then we had to get on a train after lunch and go to Pavia and do a bap interview. Takes 2 or more hours to get there. Then Tuesday we had a few appointments in the morning and then apparently they decided to add sisters to Monza so we had to go set up their apartment that they just bought so Tuesday evening we spent some time unloading all the stuff from IKEA and putting together everything and all that fun stuff. Wednesday Anziano Moore has to pack and all that fun stuff. Thursday we will be at Milano Centrale station all day from 8:30-5:00 calling and making sure that everyone gets to their city safely. In short when it comes to transfers we are the assistants to the assistants because we live close to Milano so we are as much as a part of transfers as the assistants because if anyone gets lost we are the first people to call. Then Friday we have weekly planning and probably grocery shopping and then a few appointments set up in the afternoon. Saturday we have some time but after lunch we are going to Milano Lamgugnano chaple for the stake conference adult session and leadership training for all the stake people. Sunday stake conference again Milano. And on top of that we had to call our entire zone and give them travel plans for transfers and tell them what time they are leaving what who they are meeting up with what train they are taking and so forth. Then when we get to the station on Thursday when all the missionaries meet up in a big group we have to organize all the missionaries to get them where they need to be doing and people are late and so on. Anyway this is probably like your INL users week but in Italy and well if you have ever used public transport in Italy you know it’s terrible, confusing you get lost, never on time, and unreliable. But we somehow are managing to fit lessons in! I’m not sure how that is possible but it’s working out!
Anziano Moore and me with our game soccer game face

Like I said we have been busy.  This is actually our only relaxed p day.  Our last pdayshave been really busy and we have even had to sacrifice our time to teach lessons and do some other stuff what we were not able to get done during the week. This has been going rather slow work wise, but there is always something to be done. I’m really not able to keep up on everything; we could really use like 2 more hours each day to finish what we need to get done. It just kind of continuously piles up. I don’t know if it just that we need to plan better or what but it’s just rather ridiculous, we have a ton of fun doing it though. The transfer has just flown. 
Fiat 500.  Very Italian
It’s crazy I can’t believe that I have 4 transfers left is all! Are you kidding me! I’m freaking out! But I’m really happy to be busy. Better busy that not so I can’t complain. Anziano Moore has been a great comp and I’m thankful for his obedience and great attitude about everything. He never wants to stop he just goes and sometimes I have to tell him. Anziano its 10:00 you can’t call investigators at this hour! We will do it tomorrow, don’t worry. haha. He has no on or off switch he just goes and goes and goes. It’s been great! We laughed a ton and he is quite the jokester. Sometimes it’s hard to keep ourselves focused, but we manage to do just fine without too many distractions. Anziano Moore is off to Torino to train open a 

My normal Transportation
new companionship and be district leader! That probably the only thing busier than a zone leader is doing that! That’s just crazy! But he’s really excited. The transfer we had was full of laughing and joking, and thank goodness because otherwise the work can get really, down and depressing, but not for us that was completely the opposite. Well the work is slow a little but we barley have time to teach lessons this week anyways so that’s probably ok for this week. But we will have to focus more on that next week when we can get some more time to sit down and think about it and get ourselves organized and planned better. If you want to succeed in life you have to plan and organize yourself! That’s just the way it works! Huge testimony of planning and organization in the mission. I invite you to put it into practice at home as well. It is a principle of the gospel because the gospel is planned and organized. Did God not say in Moses that all things were organized spiritually before they were created physically? He planned all the creation and how it would go as well. That is why he is perfect because he is perfectly organized unlike us. We need to do the same. Hope that all of you are doing well and that you are living the gospel like you should. I am just loving every second of the mission and I’ve put into the practice the words of Anziano
Holland. "Teach your missionaries to love rejection!" He explained to the mission presidents of the Rome and Milan missions. I love rejection, sounds crazy but if you don’t you can’t reach your full potential as a missionary. I wonder how rejection can apply to real life, but I will figure that out later. Well that’s everything for now and we will see how this next transfer goes! Transfers 12 prepare to get dominated by Anziano Benson and Fiorentino! Forza Milano Est!

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