Monday, October 14, 2013

All is Well

October 9, 2013

Oh man the weather took a nasty turn this last week. I went from short sleeve shirt to suit and overcoat and scarf in one day. I feel like I’m back in Idaho. We got a peek at the forecast and we are hitting 100% humidity and about 50 degrees. Let’s just say it feels more like 30 degrees not joking. The humidity just pierces all 5 layers you have on, and not helping was that we got rained on all day. I came home drenched and it’s not like I get to sit under an umbrella I’m on a bike! So I just get wetter than a dog. Wasn’t too fun the other day.  We are going forward, but so help me if it rains every other day just like last winter I don’t know if I will make it through this. There is nothing worse than being cold wet and 5 hours on a bike. There are no buses here so no chance of that. For now all is good and we will live. We have just been so busy with zone stuff and trying to keep our own work straight, but all is well.

Hey I won! I get a special award! I guessed where Joseph is going on his mission! Ghana! haha I was right! What up! haha I hope I get something fragile in the mail because of it! Congratulations Joseph.

Well love you! Have a good week!
Anziano Benson

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