Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Really Feel Kind of Italian Now

October 2, 2013

Well this will be really short and I’m really sorry, but we are always in a rush. We have gotten into a habit of teaching on pday so we don’t even get time to do full email and stuff. But things were a little harder last week, and we are looking to find a few more people. We still have lots of people to teach but their work just consumes all of their time and availability. I really really love Muggiò. I feel right at home here and everyone here is really friendly and just calm. We are near Milano and I don’t mind the big city nearby. The air here is kind of dirty but it’s still beautiful where we are. I like Muggio because its more calm and outside the hustle and bustle of Milano and Monza. All is well on my end. I really like being a zone leader. Its helped me a lot more than I have helped others. It just really gives me no chance to think about myself and that’s just great! I love serving others. I’m still pretty focused on the mission and things are going well. I feel honestly right at home. I really feel kind of Italian now. The way they think, talk, act and live.  I just fit right in now haha. I have forgotten what life is like in America. It’s just so different here that I don’t remember even much about home and what it’s like. I’m just content working hard and having a good time. Me and Anziano Moore are having a lot of fun together and we keep the work going.
Well I really love you guys and don’t ever doubt that I don’t love you guys because I just absolutely adore my family and look forward to hangin with the fam again soon. I really have some good people in the fam and have the best sisters ever! Thanks for your thoughts!

Have a good week from your only and best son and child Elder Benson! haha

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