Friday, September 6, 2013

Time: the Most Precious Resource We Have in This Life

August 28, 2013

Well things have been going normal. The baptism is scheduled, but we are not 100% sure if it’s going through. We still have a few small doubts we are trying to work out, but it’s noting big. We are just going to have some faith and do our best. All good on my end! Yes I got a side bag and some shoes and then the money grandma gave us I had to give to a homeless guy so that was unfortunate. But at least we helped someone who really needed it. It’s a long story, and I never give out money to homeless people, but this time it was justified 100% I wish I could tell you the whole story but let’s just say it was crazy and that it would take 20 face to face to tell it haha. Anyways I’m doing just dandy and just gearing up here for the fall and then we are headed straight for winter. Not sure what will happen after this week as far as who’s going where but I’m just enjoying myself because my time is limited. All right I will now let the pictures do all the talking.

Advise to Little Sis at BYU
It makes me pretty sad that for the first time in my life I can’t be there for you. I always was there and you were always right behind me in my footsteps outdoing me. Except you turned out to be the better version of me. Ellis I am going to save your life right now with 1 thing. I just want you do to one thing. If I was going to die right now this is what I would tell you and I want you to do it. Learn about planning. Preach my gospel the missionary book has an entire chapter about planning and using time wisely. Ellis time is the most precious resource you have in this life. ESCECIALLY in COLLEGE! Do not waste time, get organized and make a weekly schedule of what you have planned to do during the week. I mean everything. In the mission I know what I am doing every single day of the week 10 days in advance and we do 3 hour planning once a week. If you do that but with school you will be so successful you won’t be able to be stopped by anything. If you want just kill it at BYU and get straight A's Study study study about planning and organization. All those last min projects and stuff don’t fly in college. I wish you the best of luck and you are really going to learn a lot, not school wise, but life wise. Life lessons, how to get along with others, keep the room clean and get a GEM! Grow Every Missionary or in this case roommate. I love you Ellis and to be honest you are my example, not me your example. I don’t know if you will go on a mish, but keep it in mind and be ready because God may need your little hands and your feet to carry you across the world and to the doors and faces of people you don’t know the truth only because they know not where to find it. I encourage you to serve a mission because it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Love you so much and don’t worry too much! You’re more prepared than I was for college. 2 rules! No getting married before I get home, I forbid it because now that I am legit to go to the temple I want to be there when you get married. 2 no going on a mission before I get back I have to say “Hi” at least once. 
Love you have a good week! Drewbie


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