Friday, September 6, 2013


September 4, 2013

Yup! We got her done and had a baptism! Man this has been just such a touching experience in the past month to know this young 20 year old Italian. She managed to read: The book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith story, Gospel Principles, the Ensign of the conference talks and come to church 5 times before the baptism. Now I don’t think I have ever have seen, or ever will see another investigator like this one. She nearly cried after she came out and met us after the baptism. She thanked us for everything we did for her and I felt the sincerità of her gratefulness. I can’t spell anymore! How do you speel sinceerity? bo? Anyways. I really am so so so lucky to be here in Lecco. And when I got the call from President, it was really hard to hear the words, Elder Benson you are being moved to Muggiò. Anziano Guzzle and I just had a blast here in Lecco and it has been my favorite city hands down. I can’t complain! The weather is perfect, the teaching was a lot, baptized 3 times, the ward awesome, the lake magnificent! The city small, the people nice, la belezza incredible! We worked hard but also we taught a lot. We dropped a lot of people and lost some of my most favorite people. But what a way to end my last week in Lecco. I’m going zone leader in Muggiò. It’s not the most beautiful city, but it is the biggest ward in all of Italy. Looks like we better get some work done there! I’m excited but sad to leave. I’m just in one of those awkward stages, sad and happy at the same time. I even made best friends with people here playing calcio. And well, even they were not interested in the gospel. We played soccer, ate spaghetti together, gelato, and laughed. It was great. When I come back to Lecco I’ve already got plans to come see my best friends that I made here in Lecco. I’m so grateful of everything. I only hope that I can make Muggiò better that Lecco in some way. That’s where I’ve done all my baptisms for the Lecco ward, in Muggio, so I already know the area a little bit. I will probably be there for a little while so we will see what happens. I saw all the photos! Thanks for them all! I love you guys and I will look forward to seeing you all very very soon. Well that’s the update for now. My comp will be Anziano Moor, don’t know him much but he’s a chill missionary. I’ll let you know more next week love you!


Anziano Guzzle and Benson


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