Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Always Good On My End

Anziano Remy and Benson in Lecco
Well,  it looks like you are all having some fun so far during the summer break. It’s hard to believe that it’s already June! The summer will soon be over in a few months. The summer heat really hasn't kicked in yet. I am actually loving the weather so far haha. It’s been really nice here; about 70s everyday with a nice breeze, and then we usually will get some really really good storms here with lightning and some super heave rain and then it passes. With the mountains around here, the weather is rather interesting. Makes for some really awesome storms. I’m liking Lecco a lot. It’s not super small here but it’s a nice little town. Everyone always talks about Como, but really Lecco is the hidden gem on the other side of the lake. Bigger mountains more cliffs and a better view of the lake. The beauty makes it easier to relax a little and enjoy where you are. I’m not much of an arts guy either.

We still have a fair amount of investigators but they are dropping like flies fast! So we have to get on the hunt soon. I don’t always love street finding the most, but at the same time I love it because you always see the coolest stories and coolest miracles. For sure. There are many other miracles, but the best ones are when you’re out pounding the pavement after many hours. It’s been a very great pleasure to be in Italy. There are many different cultures, many Africans, middle eastern people, of course Italians but there are many others as well. I have even found some different foods and learned to like some of the music you hear from the middle eastern countries when you’re in the streets. It’s pretty cool and it helps you see how different we are all created, but how we are still the same.  I like the different cultures, it makes the world different and exciting. There is even an invite in Preach My gospel that says take note of what things in the culture where you are serving are good and take them and apply them in your life. The Italians strength is definitely the family. They love the family here and they are so big on doing what the people before you have done and doing it the family way.  Tradition! So don’t lose your traditions! Pass them on and make it a good thing! It makes us strong and united.
 I don’t know what to say, no matter what happens in the mission it’s always all good on my end. Even if I’m so tired and can’t even walk anymore, or we just got 5 appointments cancelled in one day. It’s all just for best and really nothing can go wrong if you’re doing your best.

Well Thank you so very much for the letters sisters. I’m not sure what happened to Ellis, still celebrating I’m sure, but thank you all the others. Good job on scoring goals and you guys are the best! Keep on having fun because one day the party is over, haha just ask Ellis.

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