Friday, May 17, 2013

Patience is a virtue?

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Via Giacomo Leopardi 3
23900 Lecco (LC)

Well I don’t really know what to say haha. There isn’t much of anything new since we talked on mother’s day.  We have some bap dates but the little small things are getting in the way. One of 3 got terribly sick, the other the family is against her getting baptized even though she is 35, and the other one got called into work so she couldn’t make it to church on Sunday and she can’t get baptized until she comes to church 3 times.  But that ok, I’m all good with it. After a year in the mission I’ve learned a lot of patience. Patience is a virtue as they say. Well said whoever came up with that phrase?
Anzanio Benson, Johnson, Murphy, Ramey (companion) on Mothers day
In mission news I haven’t done any scambi lately since I’m not district leader anymore so I don’t go out with the other Elders in my district.  Anziano Johnson is the district leader here in Lecco and we are already in the same city so no scambi for us.  I have not been to a Zone Conference for awhile.  However I think we will be having a final one with president Wolfgramm before he goes home in June. There hasn’t really been much talk of the new prez but he will be here before long.  Honestly we are just busy doing our work and that’s all I think about. “Just getting her done”!!!
Summer is around the corner and I’m not too excited. I hate the heat. Imagine that, no wonder I like skiing. You can’t be a skier and like the summer more. It’s just not possible. I’m starting to freak out because Anziano Roisum and Droghie will be home in a July. And at that point I will only have 10 months left! That will be scary. Time sure flies out here.  However I have a lot of time left and a lot a work to do.   It sounds like it’s just a mess of activities there. Man Thank goodness your getting your seccond kid out the door! Otherwise I don’t think you could hack that much stuff anymore haha. But it’s all over now. Time to relax. I remember my senior year being super crazy, but at least you made all the mistakes on me so now the others can do it right the first time. You should push Bree. She’s going to be a pro soccer player some day you know that. She’s got the fire and now you know what you need to haha. Everything is going good here and Time is flying and I’m just trying to do my best. 
It sounds like things at home are. Wow, I can hardly believe that Ellis is graduating.  I remember my senior year being super crazy.  Ellis enjoy your last week of school and welcome to the real world.  Work Work Work/School School School will now by your life.  Mom, in a few months it will be down to three kids at home so maybe it will not be that crazy?  Just maybe?
I forgot to say it on Sunday but I love you mom and thank you so much for everything you have done for me and others. I think you raised a good son in the end, even though I was a dork at times. Have a good week and tell Grandma and Grandpa B hello.  Ellis, enjoy the moment.
Anzanio Benson

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