Friday, May 10, 2013

I Love Lecco

Beautiful Lecco
Yeah the new city is the best! I Love Lecco! It’s awesome! I finally feel at home. Busto was good, but I don’t feel too bad for getting out of there. It was time to go and I couldn’t wait any longer haha. The work here is also going really well we have ALOT to do and everything is great here. The ward is a little smaller than the one In Busto but there are about 3 times more babies and children so I feel like its Idaho or Utah where everyone has about 7 kids. That is something that you do not ever see here in Italy. Most people have or 2 kids and these people are at 4-7! It’s crazy to see this many! But keeps the old geezers awake during church.  Haha. 

So for Mothers Day we will be Skyping from 16.00-20.00 my time in Italy. I’m not sure when because we are In 4 missionaries here in Lecco so we are all going to the same house and so we will all have to work it out between us. To let you know I am living with Kaulin Johnson so if you want to call them they would probably like to know what’s up. The other missionary is Australian and his name is Anziano Murphey. I love living in 4. It’s a lot of fun, but harder to be obedient in getting to bed on time and starting studies on time. but I’ve been doing better studying and getting to bed on time at this.  I don’t know where Allison is. All that I heard is that she is down south somewhere, I think in the same zone as Riley. That’s all I got sorry. It’s really far from where I’m at so I got nothing.

If you didn’t know Juve won the Siria A. I have never in my life seen such a crazy event. The Italians went crazy! People in the streets with flags, thousands of cars honking and people going crazy and riots in the street and just absolute chaos!  I looked at my comp and said, I think Juve won? Black and white flooded the city as people went on for 3 hours celebrating and driving around with their cars plastered with Juve stuff and vuvusuellas air horns, scarf’s, photos and everything. It was nuts! We were with the stake president as when this all happened and he says to us;  Elders, soccer is a god in Italy, the people worship it haha. And he’s talking to the kid who wore his Barcelona jersey to church under his suit.
That is about it. We will talk to you on Mother’s Day.


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