Friday, April 12, 2013

Use Your Testimonies

April 10, 2013

We had a good week and we will be having a baptism the 20th of April! All we have left is the interview to do, so if she passes it’s smooth sailing until the 20th. They really are a great family, and  have a kid who is 10, but we will have to teach him after he comes to church a little more and gets integrated with the kids more. We will also have to teach him the lessons. The family is a part member family and husband is a priesthood holder already so we are really excited. They are just a beautiful Peruvian family and are great to be around. It’s finally good to get a baptism, but it’s been hard in all other parts of the work; especially finding new investigators. No one wants to listen to us so we have resorted to seeing only member instead of ringing doors and doing street contacting. They just don’t work and no one will listen. So we hope this new idea will get us some elect people. Conference was good, but we didn’t hear Sunday afternoon session. They talked a lot about missionary work, especially President Monson. He talked about what we need to do as missionaries. Use your testimonies!

 I hope all the sisters are doing well and getting ready for summer. Hope Ellis has a job lined up because college $$? I’m sure dads already said enough about it, but I’m starting to sound more and more like him every day of my life haha. I’m getting after myself in my head about our messy apartment. haha.
Well have a good week! All is well here

Elder B

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