Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Continual Strand

April 17, 2013
I do have to say that I don’t miss the Idaho spring weather for anything haha. It’s been so nice here and we have managed to keep it. I’m actually too hot right now. It’s about 74 degrees today and we are enjoying the sun in short sleeve shirts. We will go kick the ball around this afternoon after we get a pizza again haha. I finally got my hair to grow a little and now it’s finally good I think.

It seems like I learn so much every week. This week we had an appointment to see someone and I’d prefer not to go into what happened haha but I will say that I learned an important lesson on standing up for what is right and true and what we should do. The Lord’s way is never the easy way. In fact I can’t think of anything that he has asked us to do that was ever easy. If you are presented with a choice don’t do it the easy way, do it the hard way and you will be glad long down the road.
Thanks Mom for the short story and old picture of us at BYU. The sad thing is that I look like my Dad! Look at how young he was!! Ahh It’s so frightening! I’m only 5 years from that! That’s not coool! Would someone just please put a pause on the stop watch of my life so I can take a second and think before it’s gone. I will come back and all my sisters will have grown up; especially Ellis. She’s done with school, and well I missed 2 years of that. Well what do you do? Man I’m so glad that we will all just chill in the celestial kingdom together so we just make up for all the moments we missed with the family; where time has no beginning or end. The longer I’m here the more I understand the deep truths about God and his nature and his position in time and space. There is not end to beauty, to his creations and time is not relevant to him. There was never a beginning, nor will there be an end. It is one continual strand. I invite you Mom and Dad to stick your head in the Bible Dictionary for 5 min and see what you will learn about our existence. It’s deeper than you think.

Well Baptism!!!!!!!!!! April 20. We are stoked! Well I love you so much and take care!
Anizano Benson

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