Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

March 6, 2013
The Good: We had 6 investigators in church! That’s super high!
The Bad: Hmmm it’s raining really hard
The Ugly: My bike broke, but I fixed it! I don’t think there is much ugly in the mission. I’m in Italy!!!

Well today it’s just dumping rain, but we are going to go do a tour of the San Siro since Anziano Heaton is a big Inter fan. Sorry, but I’m not. Milan is way better haha. Anziano Heaton is doing good, and is picking up on the language. We are working really hard to help him learn it as fast as possible. He just needs to speak it more and he will get it, but sometimes it’s hard for us to speak in Italian all the time. We had a really good week last week with 6 investigators in church so we are definitely getting things in ship shape around here in Busto. We are also working with the mission office to get us out of Legnano and into Busto. We don’t have word on if we are moving apartments but for now we are in Legnano and it’s a lot of travel. Also, we might be building a new chapel in Busto. The one we have now is not very good and it’s a rent so they want to buy and build their own. We are pushing for these things because then it would speed up the work. As far as baptisms, we don’t have anyone lined up for this transfer, but last minute baptisms can happen haha. I’m still positive and if not for sure next transfer. We are having good success finding people to teach and we have a part member family where the wife is getting ready for baptism for sure. Just not this transfer. But everything is in the Lords time. Yeah we did Scambio and I got to go to Milano and do it. It was fun and missionaries are actually close to the stadium. They hear the roar of the stadium when Milan wins over Barcelona. But unfortunately I’m a Barca fan before a Milan fan so wasn’t cheering much 2 weeks ago.
Well I’m glad that you are all learning lots and studying the scriptures. I ask the family and everyone else to study preach my gospel chapter 3 as well for family home evening and personal study. It will change your life. Get out there and be member missionaries! And don’t make the same mistake that I did and be lazy about sharing the gospel. Even if you don’t baptize them or convert them they need to hear it, they have to have the chance to accept it or reject it. There are not enough missionaries on the earth to talk to every living person. The members MUST to their part or our efforts are in vain as missionaries. Talk to your neighbor, family, and friends at school and whoever else about it.  Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’m great and wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world right now.  Anziano Benson

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