Thursday, February 28, 2013

Growing the Work

February 27, 2013

Hey thanks for the news on the mission presidents! I have actually not heard anything to be honest about that stuff but now I do. I really don’t want the Wolfgramms to leave to be honest though. They are sooo good, but they have done their duty and need to get home to their family. I’m sure President Dibb will be just as amazing.

This week we have managed to set a baptismal date! But we don’t want to celebrate too much until we see how they like the commandments they have to live to get baptized haha. That’s always the hang up lesson for people. They love it until they have to completely change their life, then they realize that this is really hard and bail out. But I have some confidence. I think Anziano Heaton got here in a good time because for the last 6 months I’ve just been growing the work because when I got here there was nothing, absolutely nothing. Now we have like 5 investigators we are teaching; potentially 6, but we are giving one some time to think about it all for a few months, but she still comes to church every week so not too worried there. I really have been enjoying the culture in Italy though. One thing that I like is that once they have made up their mind they never change, ever.  Well that can be good and something bad because they are not open to changing, but it’s good because once the members here are baptized they stay active till the day they die with the same testimony because they don’t change their beliefs once they know them to be true. The ward truly is great and the Bishop is so helpful to us, so I’m really happy about that. Well thank you all for everything that you all do. I read each letter that you sent me and I enjoyed them.  Well love you all and talk to you next week.

Anziano Benson

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