Thursday, March 14, 2013

San Siro

March 13, 2013

Me and Anziano Heaton at San Siro- home of AC and Inter Milan
Hey things are super good! We are working hard and Anziano Heaton is laying down some solid testimony in the lessons bringing people to tears in his new found language of Italian.  I have great hope for these people. They are some of the best people you will ever meet. I hope the best for them and pray for them and that the work for the Lord will progress.
Man the San Siro Stadium Tour was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever done, ok not ever but it was definitely one of my favorite Pdays ever. I loved it.  After awhile, doing tours of art and churches gets boring and this was just amazing. Anz Heaton probably loves calcio as much as I do so we were both right at home when it comes to this stuff. We went into the locker room of AC and Inter. Not going to lie, it was pretty awesome!!!! Probably one of the funnest things I’ve done here in Italy. I sat in one of the chairs. For a small moment I felt so close to being pro, but my skills are far from it haha. But that’s ok. Life of the pro is not all its cut out to be right? We went to the team store, and I got a Milan flag to add to my collection haha. We had a great time!

 Remember last week when I said the good, the bad and the ugly and how I couldn’t find anything ugly in Italy?  Well, I found something.  This morning I decided that I needed a haircut and I’m too cheap to go to a barber so I did it myself again. Except something went terribly wrong and I totally cut a fat patch all the way down to the scalp on the top left side of my skull. I loooookkk terrible!!!!!!!! And Anziano Heaton laughed pretty good. Well what do you do? Nothing at all. You leave it, and let your pride get destroyed as people laugh at you I guess. This was truly an ugly experience and I couldn’t even take my own self serious because I just Imagine what I look like, and then start to laugh, but then I get mad because it’s not that funny, and then I laugh because its way funny and then I get mad because well that was dumb. Anyways I’m still peeved about it so moving on haha. Give it 4 weeks and you won’t be able to tell.
At the AC Milan Museum

Well have a good week and don’t give yourself haircuts family. Hear from you next week.

Love, Aniziano Benson

AC Milan Locker Room

My new AC Milan Flag

AC Milan Trophy Room
Inter Milan interview area

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