Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Busto

March 20, 2013
Anziano Heaton and Anziano Benson in Milano
I am still in Busto and I will hit the year mark leaving Busto haha. We are right in the middle of trying to work with some people. We probably won’t see a ton of baptism this next transfer but we would like to see 2. We have about 8 investigators but only 2 of them would be ready. Things have been going good and we are seeing a change in all these people. I’m now the district leader for the district which has the assistants and a sister couple who are on the south side of Milano by the mission office so the responsibility grows even more haha.  Kind of stressful. I don’t have time to do anything. Ever. But the work is moving forward and we are doing all we can to keep it that way.

 I’m glad to hear that we will be getting Allison. I hope I will be in her district. Hey I’m super excited for Austin Jensen. (Anziano Jensen is the 4th missionary from our ward to serve in Milan Mission- all serving right now. Anizano Benson, Anziano Salmon, Sorella Astel, and now Anziano Jensen) Tell him that he is coming literally to the best mission in the world. Lots of people say that theirs was the best mission in the world. But the Italy Milan Mission is for a fact the best mission in the world, not an opinion. It demands a lot of patience, faith, and obedience and if he can do that he will come home happy and full of success! But anyways I’m excited to hear that more missionaries will be coming from Idaho. It is quite strange, but the more people that get called here the more I will be able to use the language at home. Tell Ellis to sign up for Italian at BYU and I’m sure she will get called here haha. No doubt. Love you all and take care. I will try to get a letter to the girlies this week.
The weather was pretty nasty here last week but nothing terrible in Busto. We got some snow but it’s just the 32 degree snow where it doesn’t stick, and Yes!! I did finally get the Easter package! It was good because the post lady just puts it outside my door so when I open the door in the morning I get to see a nice big package full of candy. So happy!
Anziano Benson
(Families with missionaries in Italy: We have found that small padded envelopes sent straight to the missionaries address gets there at no additional charge to the mission or the missionary.  It takes about 4 weeks and is delivered to their door, so timing is crucial.)

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