Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preparing People

March 27, 2013
Well we have finally broken the thick ice of baptism here in Busto. Busto or Bust! Our part member family accepted a baptismal date after 3 months of teaching. We just need to pick a day haha. We are really excited!!! We also found an entire family of 4! We built up a fat pool of investigators this last week! We now have about 8 investigators instead of just 5 and now are teaching more. We had a really good week and taught lots of lessons. The ward has been helping us a ton. When I got here there was not a lot of enthusiasm for missionary work but I think the members are getting on board and are more willing to help us. We are having success with them and we are going to try to hunt down some inactives and get them back to church! Endure to the end! Everyone has trials but we should make church a priority so that we can have God’s help. “ I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, when ye do not what I say ye have not promise.” Cioe...(in other words) keep the commandments! Not find an excuse to stop observing them because your life is hard. God will help us only after we do what he asks. We can’t expect him to work miracles when we don’t even follow what he says.

Oh man that was a good story. The email can translate to Italian so I read your story in Italian and It was the funniest thing I’ve ever read haha. But anyways, I hope that you guys are helping the missionaries not just with food and fun, but by giving them referrals. Even if you don’t think you know anyone think about it and see who we can invite to hear the message of the restoration. Even if we have already talked to them about it, give them another chance huh? The Lord is preparing people to hear the truth, yes, even in Idaho Falls. And the only way is through members. These missionaries have to run a whole stake, not just a ward. I can barely get work done in a ward and I can’t imagine a stake.

Well things are going good and I’ve had to learn some time management while being district leader. Anziano Heaton is doing good. I’ve started to talk to him only in Italian and I think he is getting the hang of it. Well anyways the weather here has taken a nasty turn and it’s been cold here! Not like Idaho but still. Well we are pluggin along and doing our best and I don’t have a lot of time here left so I have to work my hardest.! Bike is good and I’m about 50 km from getting to 1000 km since I’ve been here in Busto. that’s like what 620 miles or something? I don’t know. Well finally in my life I’m working all the days you work Dad!  I don’t even get vacation. Even p day isn’t free day. It’s get chores done day. Blehh. Anyways, carry on and persevere through the Idaho spring weather there haha. Ciao
Thank you sisters for all the love and support. Happy Easter and eat some eggs for me.

Love Anizano Benson

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