Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting Her Done Here in Busto

February 13, 2013

Well, Well, Well, I have a new companion here in Busto named Anziano Heaton straight from the MTC.  He is from St. George UT and is a really great kid.  He likes to play soccer so we get along already. I think he was really jet lagged when he got here and just super tired and then we had a busy week getting him all settled in, Italian paper work, along with appointments etc. Anziano Heaton is just always smiling no matter what!! He is a good missionary and is ready to learn. Some of the people have been touched by his spirit because through the broken Italian there was a strong spirit and I like what a member told me. "He doesn’t even know what he is doing and he is still here in Italy proclaiming the word of God. He may not know Italian yet, but he knows the message is true and that's very touching." I should probably tell him that because he didn’t understand that’s what the member was saying because it was in Italian, but I really learned something about that and I was very touched as well. Things have been going good and we will go get him his first pizza today! Then he will be right at home! Anyway, it has been good this week! I have a huge love for him and I’m learning more from him than he is from me and that’s the truth."
Well I don’t really know how to train, except to be obedient in every command. And if I have any questions I just remember Anziano Smith who was the best trainer there ever was in the greatest city there ever was! Kind of like the Savior, if we don’t know what to do, just follow the example, no?

Ohhhh Mama Mia! I was so happy when I opened my door this morning to see a huge fat bag of my favorite candy! Man I’m drooling thinking about it now because they don’t have anything like that stuff here! Oh man I gotta get home and eat some hahhahaha. Well I really have seen a lot of help this week in every way including having exceeded the 1100 Km on the bike now hahhaa. I’m pushing for 1500 because then I will have done 1000 km on my bike since I got to Busto. Yeah getting her done here in Busto. Busto or Bust FAM!  
Well happy Valentine’s Day!

 Love, Anziano Benson

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