Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Hiss and a Byword

January 16, 2012
Anziano Benson and Memmot With Their Pet Birds
Well the subject of my email pretty much sums up the week. We seem to be just aggravating all the old timers in Busto and Anziano Memmott and I have had some really funny laughs about what they are saying to us. It’s so mean that it provides minutes of laughter haha. All the grandpas just love to give us a piece of their mind at pleasure, and if that’s not good enough they like to drop in a few comments with insults intertwined and compounded with some naughty words. They were born in the 40s. Congratulations, so was my grandpa, and he’s not mean like that! Nice old chaps they are haha. Phrase of the week was that we were a hiss and a byword in Busto this week haha.(1 Nepi 19:14) Anyway, more or less that’s the work right now. Not much else going on haha. Investigators have tanked this week. But this next week we will have some good shots to maybe set some baptismal dates. We have a part member family where the wife has been coming every week, but has not been baptized so we are going to go see her and see if she is ready!

It’s been cold here, but today the wind picked up and it was the strangest thing of my entire life because to tell you the honest truth, I have not felt a gust of wind since I left on my mission. The wind just never blows in Italy, never ever, and for a small moment I felt really cold, and right in Idaho. Haha I remembered how much I hate the wind. Especially on a bike. It has honestly been a really rough week. I am just so exhausted. I’ve ridden my bike 500 Km (over 310 miles) now since I got to Busto and I never get a break. Rushing here and there peddling as fast as I can so we don’t miss the next train to Busto and have to wait half an hour. And all the way from the house to the station is a hill to ride up so we ride ride ride-and then miss the train!!! I’m so tired I just sleep like a log. Literally!!! Anyways I’m dead this week and trying to find a way to keep at it full steam ahead. You know when you hear about the pioneers talking about angels helping them, I feel like that on my bike right now. Sometimes I have to look behind to see who is pushing me.
Well haven’t received many letters lately, most likely because the mail system has been at a standstill since the holidays. I’m turning into the missionaries on "the best 2 years" where they freak out every time the post comes. Pretty funny but it’s about the only thing we’ve got for fun around here haha. So everyone, feel free to send me a letter. I will be waiting to hear from you.  Family, I love you so much. We will keep working hard, and you have a good week.
Anziano Benson

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  1. Hey! This is Anziano Smith! Does someone have Anziano Benson's email? I want to write him a letter!