Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hard at Work

January 12, 2012

Not sure why but this week felt like an eternity. We have been hard at work, but also short of success. We have lots of people who could potentially be baptized but they are all just being really stubborn and are waiting for who knows what... the second coming I guess. So we are doing good, but I’m just a little impatient to see people who have a testimony and decide not to get baptized. So we are on the hunt for more people again. I fail so bad sometimes as a missionary, but it’s meant to keep me humble. I guess I just never imagined missionary work the way I did. But what’s in your head and what you actually perform are 2 very different things. Ya my comp is really awesome I love him. He’s pretty goofy and we like to have fun. it’s good to have everyone back to the grind here because missionary work suffers a little with people on vacation.

The weather here has been actually very abnormal we hit 72 degrees and then it dropped back down to like the high 50,s. I hear we will get the snow again, or rain. Not too happy. I seriously cannot believe how many people are in the Italy Milan mission from my school. It’s just crazy to me. I really want to serve with one of these kids because the best missionaries are those who know how to work hard like us Idahoans haha. Ellie start taking Italian! Because it’s a statistically proven fact that Italian speakers from Idaho Falls get called to Italy hahaha. Not 100% but you know like 80%.

I finally got all 12 letters! haha thank you so much for all the random things I love, and I was soooo excited when I got some juice! It reminds me that I actually have a real family that exists. It’s hard to honestly remember what everything was like with all you guys and it almost seems like you guys are some figurative fake thing since I can’t see you or talk to you or be with you.  Well love to everyone and I’ll hear from you all next week. Oh also I have really enjoyed finding all the little notes you put in my pockets and things. I think I found them all! Well maybe, we will see haha. Love you all
Oh ya, Good to hear that Max made the move and I hope he enjoys his semester at BYUI and is staying away from the crazy girls who now are going on missions. I got cousin Kiaras wedding announcement and I was happy to see she found her man.  Take Care

 Love, Anziano Benson

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