Wednesday, September 12, 2012

La Mia Testamonianza Italiano

September 12, 2012 

 Hello la mia Bella Piccola Sorellas! Come Stai? Grazie for the pictures. To answer some of your questions: we usually eat granola for breakfast, or nutella on bread sometimes.  Although I am in Italy and the food is good, I still have to cook and I’m not a good cook so I am missing Mom’s food. We eat pasta everyday and it gets a little old but better than actually cooking something time consuming. Unfortunately there is zero Mexican food here. Beans don’t even exist which is really annoying. I would kill for some Mexican food right now. We don’t eat dinner here in Italy. The mission as a whole works through dinner so we just eat a really big lunch and then go and work till 9:30 at night. At times I get super hungry but at least all the pizza and pasta isn’t making me gain a ton of weight.  I’ve actually lost weight since the MTC. 
Anziano Benson In Siena
Ok some random details. You will like this. haha. Ok we have a palm tree in our back yard and its awesome because I’ve never seen one before and there are about 10 lizards living in the back yard and I love to see them in the afternoon. Ah man Grandma and Grandpa are really close to Italy.  It sounds like they will have a good time in Germany and Switzerland.
It finally has cooled off here! It’s been pouring rain and I’m loving it! I don’t like the heat! I’m from Idaho! I am loving Siena. Time is starting to go fast.  I’ve been out for four months already. Crazy! I’ve got 3 weeks left untill transfers which will be done the same week as conference. They usually call 3 days before the transfers and then you’re gone. I’m hoping I can stay another transfer with Anziano Smith.  He is a good missionary and we get along well.
Siena Duomo
The work has picked back up again and we are having some very good success! There are Atheists who love to tell us God doesn’t exist and others say that what we are trying to accomplish is impossible, but I am here to tell you none of those things are true. The work in Italy is just great. Nothing can stop the work from progressing and I know that is true. There are many other religions here too. We all have our agency but at the end of the day we have taught them in their streets, taught them in their cities, and in their homes and I say unto you “are the fruits of our labors few? I say nay they are not!” (Alma 26:29-31) Yes it’s hard but our labors are not few.
Well there are lots of change ups in the investigators but we haven’t found that one who has committed to progress all the way to baptism. We have lots of hope and it really is possible. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many people you baptize because it’s not my baptism anyway, it’s the Lords. He gave us the opportunity to find these people and change their lives. When he leads us to the right person at the right time they will be ready for baptism. For now we must continue to teach and invite people to make commitments.

Inside Siena Duomo

This church is true.  This Church is so True!  If you ever doubt, question, have objection or think this is not the one and only church; only way to salvation, then all you need to do is ask if the Book of Mormon is true.  For if it is true, then Joseph Smith was a true prophet and also in these days we have a living prophet who still leads and guides us.  Everything we now know has come from prophets so if you are not sure about your testimony, I would “exhort you like Moroni to ask God the Father if these things are not true(Moroni 10:3-5) This is your salvation, your agency and your time here on the earth so choose what you may and do what you may, but one day we will all be held accountable with what time God has given us.  For now is not the time for spiritual weaklings! We are as the Army of Helaman.

La Mia Testamonianza in Italiano
Io so che Gesù Cristo vive ancora, e che lui è il Figlio di Dio. Lo scopo di Cristo era che lui sofera  i nostri peccati cosa possiamo entrare nel regnio di Dio. C’ era un'apostasia renda necessario di avere un restorazione, tipo in questi giorni, abbiamo un profeta,  il solo vero profeta che guida la sola vera chiesa. La prova di questo è nel Libro di Mormon.  Lo e’ la prova di queste cose. Se facciamo uha pregnira possiamo sapere queste cose per certo.  In queste cose ho ricevuto una  testimonianza in , nel nome di Gesù Cristo,  il hostro salvatore, e redentora. Amen.

I know Jesus Christ lives and that he really is the Son of God.  His purpose was to suffer for our sins so we can enter the kingdom of God. There was an apostasy making it necessary to have a restoration.  In these days, we have a prophet, and one true prophet to guide the one true church.  The proof of all this is in the Book of Mormon.  Through a testimony of the Book of Mormon we can know these things for certain.  Through these things I have received my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Great to see all the pictures! You all are such a great family and it makes me happy to know that at the end of the day my family is preparing for eternal life. Well love you guys and hope everything is going good. For now here are some pics. Of the Siena Duomo! Just amazing isn’t it?
Anziano Benson

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