Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tante Belle Cose (Many Beautiful Things)

September 19, 2012
Well before I forget to answer your question, most people think we are Americans but that’s just because Anziano Smith and I are the 2 Mormon missionaries walking around in Siena with super white skin and white shirts and ties haha. But many think we are from Italy because we sound like natives when we speak. Pretty cool!

Well this week was full of random events! We went out and found an unknown less active and it was awesome to talk to her and help her out, especially since she is pretty lonely out living alone in a really small town. Also we did companion exchanges and I got to go to Prato (just outside of Firenze) for a day which is the China town of Italy and is way awesome! haha I loved it, it was crazy! But now I’m back in Siena. We got bible bashed a few times..normal and also talked to some crazy people... it happens, and had a lot of fun as well.

We have had some good times here in Siena and every day I learn more and more about the gospel, in what way I can improve, and also how to work in unity with my purpose as a missionary and the will of Del Signore Gesù Cristo.
Transferimenti are coming up soon and I will let you know what happens. Anziano Smith and I are just working as hard as we can for 2 more weeks and waiting to see what will happen. He’s been an awesome companion and I have learned a lot from him. I know I was placed with him because I needed him to help me out. He’s a great example and has the most positive loving attitude about this work. I could not have had a better trainer. I think we will find out soon if we are keeping the car but nothing yet from president. What a blessing it was to have a car though. I got to see many more things that most missionaries never ever get to see, not only that but also tante belle cose that the tourist never see either. We got to see the pure raw untouched countryside’s of Toscana of endless grapes and wheat all because we had the opportunity to visit these members who sacrifice a lot to come to church every week. I converted the gas prices and the gas here is about $6.50 a gallon. It costs like 80 euro to fill up with 10 gallons its crazy! Makes it really hard on the members to drive an hour to church and back but they do it anyway regardless because they know they get blessings for it.  
P.S. Sorry mom but mission rules we don’t eat dinner. No one eats dinner because lunch is 2 hours Long. If you didn’t know every store, restaurant, shop closes at like 11:30 for lunch and they all reopen at like 3:30. All the Italians stuff down a massive lunch and then take a nap haha. It’s a ghost town at lunch time, so president modified the schedule where all missionaries don’t eat dinner. Surprising I know but that’s what it is. At least it keeps me from getting fat. I’m really jealous about you all eating fresh salsa haha. To be honest the Tomatoes are good here but the home grown garden tomatoes can’t be beat. Plus I’m not dining every week at the 30 Euro restaurant down the street or at the local markets. We just go to the grocery store because everything here costs A TON. So we just go the local Cheap-Co and eat the normal produce. Food here is amazing....if your here on vacation and eat out every day, which is not us.

Oh also I found a suit! Anziano Smith found one in the closet and it happens to be my exact size! Super nice and its bullet proof! Brand new, never worn so that was super exciting that I won’t have to buy any suites if I wear one out. Well that’s the randomness of this week haha. Love you all!

Talk to you soon.
Anziano Benson

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