Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week of Miracles

August 29, 2012

Week of Miracles!

We had a blitz which means we had 2 Anziani come work with us in Siena so double the work. I’m short on time so this will be brief. But in the end after losing a baptismal date we gained 2 so now we are preparing 2 investigators for baptism. We also gained 5 new investigators and this doubled our appointments! Crazy and we are having huge success after the blitz!
Today I am on my way to Milano and we stopped in La Spetzia, Cinque Terre, and Genova! We are on our way to Milano where we have a conference.  While there, we are meeting Anziano Sexton my comp from the MTC and his companion Anziano Scheurn who just happened to be Anziano Smiths comp in the MTC.  Hopefully we will get a chance to play some calcio later. I have just seen the most beautiful part in all of Italy. The Sea and Cinque Terre! 300 foot cliffs with towns built right into the rocks! Incredible! Words can’t describe! We did a 2 hour difficult hike right along the cliffs and it was so amazing! Well we are off to buy some focaccia bread in Genova! Love you all and here is a ton of photos from to Palio and today.

Love Anziano Benson

PS good luck with school sisters love you all


 "Words Cannot Describe"
Anziano Smith, Anziano Benson and Matteo

Oca Contrada Flag before the Palio




With the Winning Contrada Flag after the Palio
Our Sweet New Siena Calcio Jerseys
Our Favorite Pizzeria in Siena "Can you Believe this View?"

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  1. Just have to say these Anziani look Fantastic! I know they are working so hard giving their ALL!! It is such a blessing for me to see and feel the spirit these young men have!!! I know Anziano Benson is a wonderful missionary!!!
    Tamy Scheurn