Thursday, May 24, 2012

Week 2 at MTC


I just finished up week 2 here at the MTC and I’m now going into week 3. Other than me having lost my sanity on week 1 everything here is well. The Italiano is getting much better! It is amazing to see how the spirit helps you when you are trying to learn the language. When I work as hard as I can the Lord will make up for my lack of genius when it comes to memorizing words. Our lessons with investigators are going much, Much Better! The other day I was just pulling together sentences like nothing and it was the first week we didn’t use our "purple dragon" (a book with every phrase pre-written out for you that you would use in church or in lessons with investigators) We now have 2 investigators and we teach them every day, and every day we get better at teaching. For those who wanted to know everyone at the MTC who is rooming together either speaks the same language, or is going to the same mission. For me all 3 of my roommates are going to Italy Milan. The other room has missionaries going to Milan and Rome and they are in my District and Zone. The zone has all Italian missionaries in it and they leave next week so these next 4 weeks will be really boring without the older Italia Missionari. We have come to love them and be great friends with them.

I really am bummed that Chelsea won the Champions league they are lame (Sorry Joseph). Good to hear about Genoa and Juventus though! I did see Coach Johnston the other day. He dropped his son off, but no I didn’t unload him from the car. Only those who have been here 6+ weeks are allowed to help the new Elders. So I won’t be able to see Drake or Austin.

Keep sending the letters.  It is so nice to hear from all of my friends and family.  It makes me feel like you haven’t forgotten about me just yet.

Love,  Anziano Benson

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