Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 3 at MTC

May 31, 2012

Salve Famigla!

   Time is going by so fast. Next week is hump week! Ya! Almost half way to Italia! Things are going well on my end. We all lost our sanity 2 weeks ago so we are all a little crazy and people to some Stupid stuff sometimes ha-ha. I usually stay out of it though, which is a shock for me because I’m usually the first one to suggest doing something stupid. Looks like I finally learned how to do what my parents wanted?? It just only took my 19 years! We have been hearing some very good talks here at the MTC, some of the recent ones we heard were L. Tom Perry, Ronald A Rasband (President of the 70), President of the Provo temple, and there are rumors going around like crazy that President Monson might be speaking or many of the quorum of the 12. President Monson has never spoken at the MTC before so we are all hoping for a first. I hear the first presidency and the quorum of the 12 will all be here through the last week in June and I would flip if we got the prophet!
            The Italian is a struggle and it takes so much work but I can see progress every week and it’s amazing to see how much I’ve learned in a few weeks. Our teaching is getting better as well and we are at the point now where we don’t use preach my gospel in the lessons because we are supposed to have memorized what we want to say in the lessons beforehand. So far that has been going very good and they are pushing us off into the deep end with the language. Soon they will only speak Italian to us and we have to speak it back, which is rather hard because I don’t know much vocab outside of Gospel terms. But that will come as we SYL (Speak Your Language)
            This week was the first week I got to play some Calchio! (Soccer) It was the best thing ever and I was happy to run for the first time I messed up my neck. I kind of only went to PT only 1 time because I hate the doctor. I hate any doctor for that matter. I knew it would get better eventually and it is. Thankfully I have angels to make up for my stupidity on trampolines because I should probably not be here but I am because apparently someone in Italy needs me really bad. We also played some volleyball and I think I will go kick some trash in 4 square tomorrow.
            I’ve been hearing about the earthquakes and I so wish I was in Italy right now. I would give anything to be there helping them and loving them. I hope that there will be many who will be willing to listen to this great message I have for them. They would be eternally grateful for the happiness of the gospel, as it has blessed my life. It’s weird to be cut off from the world I wish we got the news paper or something to let us know what is happening around the world..

            I miss you but the time will go by fast. Io Amo mi Famigla...Arrivaderci

Anziano Benson

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