Thursday, May 17, 2012

First P-Day

May 17, 2012

Hello Family! I’m so glad its finally P-day!

The MTC is really amazing but it’s also very hard. Its designed to make boys want to go back to their mommy. But so far I haven’t missed home too much ha-ha. Italian is coming along well. I can pray and give my testimony in Italian and also introduce myself and my companion to people. One of the Hillcrest boys (Austin Christensen) rooms with me and his companions name is Anziano Sexton from Colorado Springs. Anziano Malloy, my companion is from Reno Nevada.
As you know the missionaries for Italy only ship out every 6 weeks. So half of the missionaries only have 2 weeks left here and the rest of us are new. It’s about half and half new/old. Apparently I am in David Archulettas room. He was here the week before I got here ha-ha so its kinda weird. I talked to a few of the Elders about what it was like seeing him and they said he’s really short, and always in the way in the lunch room just standing there confused ha-ha. I don’t really care about David Archuletta I just thought it was funny. Another funny thing about the MTC is that there is a pine tree that smells exactly like cream soda. Yes I’m not kidding cream soda, I’m not sure how someone found that out but it’s funny to see all the Anziani standing around smelling a tree. Most of the Italiano missionaries are on my floor so we all are in the same hall and hang out a lot. Its good fun!

Last week was really hard and it was discouraging hearing all the 6 week italiano missionaries speaking because they are almost fluent in the language so I got a little down. But this week is much better and I am doing very well. Every day we do about 4 hours of language and 4 hours of English scripture/ preach my gospel study so we are always busy.
Mom this scripture is for you:) Alma 56: 47-48, 55-56 Sorry I missed mother’s day I didn’t have a P-day last week. But from now on you will get an email every Thursday until I get to Italy.

Love all of you so much
Love Suo Filgio, Anziano Benson
-Love Your son, Elder Benson
 Mi testimonianza de Italiano.
Io so che la chiesa de Gesu Cristo e vero
anche io so che il libero de mormon e la palabra de dio
Joseph Smith e una profeta vera
io so che gesu cristo vive e mi Dio, Padre Celeste amore mi
nel nome de Jesu Cristo Amen

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