Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy to Be Here

Tuesday May 15, 2012
Hello family!
 Im so happy to be here. MTC is fun! But its also very hard. They have 10 different kinds of all you can drink JUICE! So I think I will survive. Italian is very difficult and it is making me go crazy. I've taught 4 discussions in Italiano and we did well, except I cant understand our investigator! Oh well haha, live and learn. My companions name is Anziano Malloy. He's a nice guy and we get along great. He skis, golfs, plays piano and rides dirt bikes. Sounds like a good compainion to me! We have about 40 of us missionaries going to Italy and they are all in my zone.  I think 34 of us are going to Milano and 6 are going to Roma out of the 40. Out of time and were off to devo! Talk to you thursday.
Love Anziano Benson


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  1. I think your son is my son's companion upon arriving in Italy a few days ago. We just got an email from President Wolfgramm telling us that our son's new companion was Anziano Benson. So tell me about your son? Our son is Anziano Benjamin Bortolussi Smith. We live in McLean, Virginia. He is our youngest child and our third boy. Your son is assigned to what Anziano Smith says "Is the most beautiful city in all of Italy." I've been there and it is an amazing small well preserved Medevil town. It's also a very small branch. Would love to hear from you.
    My email is