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Goodbye to Italy

May 10, 2013

Well I can’t believe that I have made it to this point. I guess this is goodbye to Italy. This week has been quite the week. We cranked out 11 lessons in the office! That is quite the accomplishment for us here! The office has been a good learning experience and has taught me so many things. People always say have no regrets. Well to be honest I have a few regrets, but that does not mean that I didn’t do my best. I think that as missionary it is hard because I always wanted to be perfect and it was never that way. So I mean of course I have a few regrets of things I wish I had done better. Like working more with members and so forth. But I have no regrets about the decision I made to come on a mission. I know I blessed so many other people, but the person who I think received the most blessings is myself.

Here in the Milan Mission it is a tradition to give your testimony at the last zone meeting before you go home. I gave my testimony to the Milano Ovest zone and there were many familiar faces there. Allison Astel, Austin Jensen, Anziano Ramey my old comp from Lecco. I gave my testimony of a few things and I wanted to share some of the things I talked about.

When I first got to Siena I was thrown into a crazy world of Italians and I was very inexperienced.  It was tough, no one listened to what we had to say and if they did they were not willing to meet with us. I was blessed to have the best trainer in Italy, Anziano Smith. We taught a few people but none ever went anywhere as far as living the gospel principles. It was very hard to not be discouraged because the members were so few. Just 15 or so Active members. I love Siena so much though, and it taught me how to work hard!

Busto was no easy walk in the park either. The ward was bigger and I loved the members.  Even though Busto was one big trial,  I learned that God has a plan for the elect and that he prepares them. We found a few of them and baptized them. I learned that obedience and faith brings blessings.

In Lecco I felt like I got the opportunity to see some baptisms. Although I was not primarily involved in all of the finding and teaching process of some of the people I was there for the baptism and I felt like it was the Lord saying don’t worry you can be rewarded for your hard work. I had some great companions and Anziano Ramey really helped me to be positive and just be a boss! You have to have confidence and just work hard!

Muggiò I loved to death and I learned leadership skills. I learned that when you set the example everyone else can achieve what you achieve! I was always busy in Muggio and didn’t have time to relax. We worked worked worked. I don’t think I have ever seen so much rain in my life though! Not even in Seattle! At times in the rain on my bike it was hard, but somehow, I don’t know how, I didn’t give up. At times I wanted to give up, not because I didn’t like teaching but because the things I was asked to do where far outside my limits. My miracles were able to meet the demands of so many lessons.

The office was the curve ball section of my mission. I had finally figured out everything. Learned how to be fruitful and just really work a city and find a lot of success. And then I got thrown in the office where we don’t really have personal and comp study, or much time to plan. The spirituality took a hit and it was hard because I couldn't find the guidance of the spirit as easily. I had to learn many new things and relearn some things I thought I already knew.  I got the hang of things and found small ways to invite the spirit. I think that the small things made the bid difference here. The church has grown and I strengthened my testimony. Especially to see that as of tomorrow there will be a stake in Firenze. I never thought I would see the day. But it’s here!

I love my mission. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I love the people. And most of all I love the Lord.

So che La Chiesa Di Gesù Cristo Dei Santi Degli Ultimi Giorni è il regno del Signore stabilito sulla terra. Ho avuto tanti dubbi nella missione riguardo la verità di quello che insegnamo. Ho pensato anche che forse sono pazzo e che sto sprecando il mio tempo qui perché nessuno ci ascolta comunque. Ma alla fine ho capito che non sono qui per me stesso. Ma che sono qui per tutti gli altri. La missione è la cosa più altruista che ci sia! Ci vuole sacrificio e dedicazione. Alla fine la cosa che so che, è che Dio c'è e che questa è la sua chiesa. Nessuno può togliere nè aggingere a quello. Amo il popolo d'Italia! Vi volgio bene!

Anziano Benson

Love you! Vi Amo!

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