Monday, April 14, 2014

Doing My Best

March 29, 2014
Well this week was rather normal, but did have one cool thing though. A week ago we stopped a family on the street. They told us they were actually interested in listening, but were very busy with moving houses. We offered to help them with the move and told them we could use the car! They said well why not! And we exchanged numbers!

We went and helped them move and all went well. They are from Peru the same as Anziano Bendezu so they got along well and we set up an appointment. We taught them and they are very open and interested. Well the dad is a little less interested but maybe that’s because he speaks Spanish and misses a few words when I talk haha. But Anz Bendezu covers me well when I am teaching because he also speaks Spanish. The lesson went well and I think they seem prepared.

 On the other side of things I heard some good things are going down in Muggi├▓. One of my former investigators that I found is getting baptized by the Muggi├▓ Sisters! I’m so excited! Also one of my other investigators that I taught with Anziano Tanner is getting ready as well. He needs just a little more time, but I am confident that he will be baptized before I go home.

Not much happening here. I am doing well as in the fact that I am happy. It’s hard to balance the office with missionary work, but I think what is important is that I am striving to do my best.

Love, Elder Benson

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