Thursday, June 20, 2013

Know It, Live It, Love It

June 19, 2013 

Well this week has been, well, HOT! Man we are climbing up there hotter everyday and I’ve somehow turned into a camel; I drink so much I can’t believe it. It’s rather perplexing, but let’s just say that me and the heat have a love hate relationship. I hate it because I smell and am sweaty, but I love it because the struggle just means that the Lord is going to help us out and build us stronger through the battle of the afternoon sun.
Well my new companion Anziano Davis is a really good missionary! He’s from Dallas Texas. It’s really fun working with someone who has a lot of experience. We agree on many things and we have a good amount of ideas to put into practice. It really is just fun because we both know that we have seen some good things so far from the mission and well, its becoming a very very rare thing to serve with an old missionary because they are all training or are in zone leader positions or assistants to the president. So it’s probably not going to happen again unless I get to do one of those things. I’ve already learned a lot in just a few short days, and the success we have isn’t measured by our numbers, but the knowledge that we have gained is priceless. Actually there is a price but not monetarily speaking. It comes from prayer, study, trials and challenges that we have faced. To me it’s a big price to pay, but the benefit is far better than the price we have paid to get these blessings of knowledge and an increased guidance from Heavenly Father. What did I know before the mission about the gospel? I would say probably next to nothing. I didn’t even know who God was. I knew he existed and he gave us this life and made the atonement possible, but that was about it. Now I know the way he communicates, blesses, acts, loves, cares, and how he feels about his children. The deep affection and the great plan of mercy that he has given us. What the gospel actually is. If you asked me what the gospel was before, I would have said the teachings of Christ and the way he wants us to live. But it is so much more than that. So much more! There are just so many things that I never understood that I now understand. It all makes sense now. It’s all just clear. There is no confusion; I may have questions and ways to deepen my understanding still, but the gospel itself is so simple and clear that it is the only way to salvation for all of Gods children. That’s what I’ve learned in the short time on the mission. I would hope that all can discover and not only know it in the head, but know it, live it, and love it in their heart. This comes through the power of the Holy Ghost only. I knew all this in my head, but now it’s been planted, grown, and nourished in my heart and its starting to grow, and there is still more space for it to grow.

Well before it slips my mind I wanted to say Happy Father’s day to Dad. Man what a great Dad I have! Dad thanks for everything you have done and will do for me. You have been a great example for me. I learned now to work hard and that’s what I needed for the mission because let me tell you it’s not easy out here. It’s not easy to be on a mission in the first place, but Italy is on a different level my friend. There have been many days with just a good 6 hour block of time with nothing scheduled except finding. But I’m glad that we have to have these trials because it will all be for the best in the end.  Thanks for your example all those years.  It’s made all the difference now! That’s what matters. Ok well I love you a lot.

One more thing,  I helped a homeless guys buy food. Do you think you could help me out with that on my card? Its €20 I believe, at a store called Benet. Thanks!

Love, Drew

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