Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Kingdom of God or Nothing!

January 30, 2013
OH Mamma Mia
Well sounds like the snow is coming down hard. I really wish I could go shred the Ghee right now with all that fresh powder. You bet that’s where I would be, but right now there are more pressing matters in saving the souls of my cari fratelli e sorelle! This week in Busto was filled with trains and rains. The work here is going good and we have some solid investigators. But they are not your 4 week investigators, they are the part member families that take a while. But they have told us for sure that they want to be baptized so they will eventually be baptized! Just not when I’m here though. But I’m thinking it will be with Anziano Memmott. Lucky dog. I gave myself a hair cut and David Lotito the ward mission leader laughed because I apparently cut it uneven... I miss my mom’s haircuts when people didn’t laugh at me. But my stomach doesn’t miss the €10 that I saved by cutting my hair.  I went and bought a Pizza with it.

Since I just got an email from Anziano Smith Tell him I will write him a letter because I’m obedient and he knows that I won’t email him back! haha! I just wanted to let him know that it is true that Busto is one of the most miracle filled cities. I have had some miracles here that I can’t describe. I’ve literally seen the hands of angels pick me up off my bike and set me on the ground as a car speeds in front of me that I should have hit, but for some reason I was standing in the middle of the road not, on my bike. I somehow unexplainably wrecked on my bike without making any contact with the road or the car. Crazy stuff happens and I’ve got nothing to say but that the Lord protects his missionaries. He sees things that I don’t see, prepares people that I don’t know or think about. And they are all in the timing of his knowledge. Missions are not easy, in fact every day of my mission I have had to pray for strength because I can’t go out there without his help. I just can’t. I’m too weak to do it, but with his help I can do all things that are expedient unto him. Sometimes I just plain stink as a missionary and fail so bad at teaching or talking to people on the street, but he knows the desires of my heart and that I am weak and am a human and am not perfect at what is asked of me. All I do is my best and sometimes it’s not good enough, actually it’s never good enough, but thankfully I had an awesome trainer, Anziano Smith, and good companions to get me where I need to be with the help of the Lord. Well I wish everyone love wherever they are and I want them to know that the gospel is the only way to happiness. There is no other path that leads to the kingdom. The kingdom of God or nothing!!!

Anziano Warren, Benson, and Smith
Christmas Eve with the Best Family Ever the Lotito's

Anziano Merrill-Master Chef
"Taming the Birds-This is real!"


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