Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas/First Baptism

December 26, 2012
First Baptism

We had a very Merry Christmas yesterday and got to Skype with Anziano Benson.  He looked so good and is doing great. He said they did have the baptism on the 21st and that it was an amazing experience.  Something he will never forget. He went over to some members houses on Christmas Eve and feasted on octopus and squid spaghetti and he said it was delicious.  He said he would recommend we all try it some day.  He said they then ate over 20 different appetizers and then got to the main course of lasagna.  He said it was all so delicious and they were so happy that the members are so good to them.  On Christmas Day they went to some other members to skype and they really took great care of them.  I will try to attatch a clip of the skype if I can get it to work in the next few days but today Anziano Benson sent us some pictures from his first baptism and also from his visit to Switzerland last week.  It was just the best Christmas gift ever to get to visit with him.  He sent us this quick note today.

Buon Natale Familia,
So Anziano Merrill is going to Torino and my new companion will be Anziano Memmott. Anziano Memmott is coming from Prato in the Firenze district where I served when I was in Siena so I’m really excited. He’s a good guy.  Anziano Smith and I did splits with him back in September and he loves to joke a lot so it will be good fun. Tomorrow is transfers so I will be going to Milano to pick up my new comp! I will leave you all with some of the most recent pictures :) Buon Natale! I miss all of you and it was so good to Skype with you all yesterday! Well enjoy yourselves and eat some cheese ball for me!

Switzerland !!!
Love, Anziano Benson

Switerland is Beautiful!
Christmas Money"Haven't Found Anything to Buy Yet!"

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