Monday, July 9, 2012

Final email from the MTC

July 7, 2012

I leave Tuesday at 8am from Salt lake and will arrive in Milan Italy 8 am the next day on Milan time I think. From the airport the Mission President and his wife will pick us up. They then take us to the mission home to drop off our stuff. We will spend the whole day in Milan at the square with the duomo placing book of mormons. After that we will spend our first night at the mission home, the following day I will be assigned my companion and introduced to my first area. So Friday Italy time I will have a new companion and be working my area. I heard P-day is every Wednesday so you will not hear from me probably until Wednesday of the following week, unless the Mission President lets me email when I get there. Also, yes, I will be calling from the airport for sure.
 There really isn’t much to report on here. Nothing new, just getting all packed up and getting ready to go. Tomorrow I have In Field training and Monday we do nothing but party with our teachers and pack, then it’s off to Milan! The Provo temple is closed for cleaning which I am sad about since I will not get to go there for 2 more years; however we got an assignment to clean the temple today so it will be a good opportunity to go to the temple per say one last time, even though it’s just cleaning ha-ha.
We have a 4th of July celebration here at the MTC and they did a program for us in the gym. We sang some songs and had country representation. My favorite was the Italian girl from Sacilia (Sicily or more famously know where the mafia is) representing her home country. The MTC president even made it a rule that we had to go watch the stadium of fire from outside the stadium ha-ha. We couldn’t go home till it was over... well all right presidents if you insist we stay out till 11:00! Ha-ha we got ice cream bars and listened to the Beach Boys playing live from the stadium it was pretty awesome. Especially hearing surfing in the USA, it’s been a while since I’ve heard some music! Didn’t break any rules though! The president told us to watch and I heard the Beach Boys! Idaho Falls has better fireworks though. The grand finale was kind of lame here.
Super excited to go! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I guess that’s what my trainer is for.  I love you. Talk to you soon


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  1. I have tears in my eyes as I read your son's last email. I commented earlier than my son Anziano Smith is your son't trainer. Right now it's Friday and just knowing that your eager hard working son is with my son is an awesome feeling. From reading all the emails -- your son will feel at home with my son Benjamin Smith. He loves soccer too! It's sad to hear about Anziano Malloy's shoulder problems. I will add my prayers to the many that are already there. I'm so grateful I could read about your son's journey through the MTC. Our son has a blog. It is: That will give you a peak into his life as a missionary.
    Irene Bortolussi Smith