Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Quorum of The Twelve

Mama! Caio!

Ok so I am very short on time right now but I will do my best.

So yes, I do leave July 10. I will call from the airport in the morning before Noon... I hope. I really don’t know.  I do not have any travel plans as of now. I only received a packing list for my carry on from my mission prez.  Neck is good. Language is not good haha, and I have no idea what I’m doing!  

OK so now to the weekly report:
The last week has been really rough. I Lost my companion last Friday and he went home so now I am in a trio. Its hard teaching with three people but it’s a good experience because the 2 anziani I am with know the language very well and are helping me so now I am learning a ton not just about the language but about teaching people. The language... ya I still have no idea what I am doing. This is going to be nuts! In a week I step on that plane and I don’t know anything. I can talk about churchy stuff but outside of that... nothing. Should be fun though! Jumping in the deep end that’s for sure!

Tuesday we had 10 of the 12 Quorum of the 12 at our meeting, many of the 70, and all the new mission presidents. It was basically conference just without the prophet. The only people that were not there were Boyd K. Packer and Robert D. Hales, and the first presidency. What an opportunity to see all these men in real life. I’ve never been to conference, and to be so close to them was amazing. I couldn’t believe how strong of a testimony L. Tom Perry gave. Just to hear his voice shake the gym rather than my TV at home was the best thing ever. You can’t deny these men are true disciples of Jesus Christ. I saw Elder Ballard walking around and Russell M. Nelson gave us the guns with his hands as he was driving out of the of the MTC when we came back from gym ha-ha. They really are not that serious of guys in real life. They are just normal men with incredible lives. They are way different at the pulpit that in life I’ll tell you that. The best part of all this is that being a missionary is just like being an apostle. You carry the title Elder and you are representatives of Jesus Christ. The only difference is that I don’t carry all the keys that they do, however we still have the same priesthood power. My favorite quote I heard here was that "Missionaries are Apostles, with a lowercase a." Now that is cool! that came from Elder Bednar I believe. 

I encourage everyone to read the Book of Mormon every day. There is such power in the Book of Mormon. We are taught here that it is our most powerful tool for conversion. Read every day and I promise your life WILL change as you look for the evidence that Jesus is the Christ. It is another testament of Christ and through it we can receive revelation for our lives.

Italy is a week away and I’ve done my best here. I have very few regrets and although I am very nervous, the Lord is right there at my side every step of the way. I love you mother, father and sisters.  

Some sweet Italian stuff:
In la boca di lupo- in the mouth of the wolf meaning... good luck
su serio???! -you kidding me?! (slang)
tu sei un creep- you are a creep
computer-computer (haha)
il gato- cat
ti volio bene- I love you/I want good for you-(to a friend, but not a girl or family)
that list was so random haha

Talk to you in a week! 

Anziano Benson

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