Monday, July 8, 2013

Working Working

July 3, 2013
Well just working working working. Not much new here. The weather has been pretty good although I have wanted to jump in Lago di Lecco a few times since it’s been so hot.

This week has been normal. Not sure what to say. But one thing that I can say is that I’m not sure why I was lucky enough to be born in such a blessed land and family. You step outside the Idaho/Utah bubble and it’s a sad sad world my friends. There are many good people yes, but I just feel so bad for them. While we sit in the comfort of our own homes there are wars raging and people begging for food. I think it’s been a real eye opener. I’m not sure what I could do to help all this, actually I don’t think there is much I can do at all. But I feel so bad for so many people. Thousands have immigrated to Italy to find just the tiniest bit of life that would be better than what they left, but when they get here they find themselves in a world where they don’t speak the language, don’t have an education, and can’t find work. You really can’t imagine or know what it’s like until you teach them in their homes, the street, in the parks and wherever else they may be. Even then I still won’t know what it’s like. But I try to understand. When I come home I find a nice house and a bed. Anyway, what do you do? Only God knows how to make it all fair in the end.

Well have a good day eh. Eat some corn on the cob and watermelon on the 4th for me.
Love you all!

Anziano Benson

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