Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving Forward

October 10, 2012
Well sorry, but we are at a ridiculous internet café and this computer is terrible and the keyboard buttons are all messed up so it will be a bit short today.
Well no news yet except that I will be in a new city next Wednesday.

Conference was great.  I am honestly glad they changed the age rule to go on a mission. It would have been so much nicer to leave earlier, and I think the high schoolers will take the mission more serious. It will be great to have more sister missionaries as well.  

All I can say it that I’m glad that Dad taught me how to work; although I didn’t always follow his example, haha, it is very important. I’m doing my best and holding up to what President Manwaring asked in being exactly obedient. It’s hard and I’m not perfect but I’ve tried my best.  Even though I worked my hardest every day of the mission, I still leave Siena with the same amount of members they had when I got here. I am happy with the work we accomplished here and I have no regrets.  I have met some wonderful people here and I am amazed at the faith of the members in this branch.  We are still working with several people that are progressing, and hopefully the people we taught will remember us and how they felt when we testified of Christ.  I will always remember them, and know that one person in all of this was definately changed, and that was me. 
So has Ellis applied for college? Who took her to the dance? And tell her good luck at State Soccer! Also, we now have a waffle iron so will you please send me a recipe Mom and also Dad's fresh salsa recipe?
Well I’m sick of typing on this piece of junk so I’m really sorry but I can’t take it anymore

Anziano Benson
PS: tell Grandma B that I enjoyed her email haha, but I can’t email back since there are some new email restrictions. Trying to be obedient! I can receive emails from grandparents, but I can only respond to immediate family as in parents and siblings. Love you all.

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