Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Mama Mia, Its Hot Here!"

August 8, 2012

So yes, it is true, they do say “Mamma Mia” here haha. It’s funny, but it does sound bad when the Americans try to copy it. Me being one of those people....

Anyway, the work here has just gotten harder.  President just informed Anziano Smith and me that the car will be taken to another area of the mission where there is a greater need for it in October. Our time in Siena is very critical at the moment-very fragile because come soon we will no longer have easy access to visit all the members, and less actives who all live an hour or more outside of Siena. I’m not certain what the future of the work is here, but now more than ever our focus is to make Siena a strong point and grow it outwards to the people outside of the city. We have changed the focus to working here in the city and making a big impact to increase the awareness of the church here. Many people have never heard of the LDS church but many people are open to change and they agree that there was an apostasy. It’s a matter of helping them have a desire to change. Change is repentance, invitations to be baptized, and reading the book of Mormon. Praying, and going to church are indications of change and repentance.

The work in Siena is coming along great and we are on the search for the elect. Sometimes you have to search where you never thought before. Like the other day we did escalator finding! Haha it was great, but it’s awkward when the person next to you gives you a bidone (rejection) and you’re on the same step as them. Usually you just take 2 steps down so you’re not right next to them haha. But we have found a new elect! Lucratzia is her name and she has soooo many questions. We are doing our best to answer them but it can be difficult. We have taught her the first lesson and have a return appointment. She committed to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. Our spiritual weapon of choice!

But anyway, this week I was touched by your own story mom. I know how you feel. I feel that on a daily basis, but I promise you all hope is not lost. However I invite you to read preach my gospel chapter 11 if you want to learn how to be a better member missionary, which is what I wanted to focus on. Member missionaries are SO important. I can’t tell you how much I would kill just to have a few referrals but the members will not help you out. President Hinckley said the members could change the church faster than a million missionaries could. It’s so true. The key to the hearts of the people is through members.

For all of you who are members get a hold of a Preach My Gospel and read chapters 3, 10, 11! We need your help to assist others in coming to a knowledge of what we have! Such joy and happiness we have because of the restored gospel. I know that this is the restored church of Jesus Christ and that it contains the only way to eternal salvation. I know that the proper keys and authority were given to the prophet Joseph Smith and that President Monson now holds those keys in these days. We have an obligation and responsibility and that is to be member missionaries and invite others to come unto Christ and receive the restored gospel.

I am short on time but I love you family.  I did get your letters today! I was so happy and I will write back! Dad sorry for overspending but it was all for the mission not food! haha.

Anziano Benson


  1. Great son you guys have. Now if I could have seen Jeff's face when he saw Drew's overspending. Makes me smile. What great advise for everyone. I think we as a family will have to read those chapters in preach my gospel.

  2. He is on FIRE!! What an amazing young man. I love the pictures, I love being reminded of words like bidone, I love peaking into his week as I read his fun letter. Thanks for sharing!!!